Cowboy Ridin’
Choreographed by  Michael Diven  (717) 545-0138
Description 64 Count, Phrased, 1 wall intermediate/advanced line dance
Music Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy - Big & Rich Start on vocals
Dance sequence is ABABAAAB you will hear a definite change in the music and song lyrics.

PART A	Walk Forward R,L,R, ¼ Turn Sailor, ¾ Turn Sailor
1-4 	Walk R, L, R, kick left forward
5&6 	Left sailor step with a ¼ turn to the left
7&8 	Right sailor step with a ¾ turn to the right (weight ends on right)

	Left Rock, Recover, Lock Shuffle Backwards, Touch, Pivot, Rock, Recover
1-2 	Rock forward on left, recover weight back on right
3&4 	Left lock shuffle backwards
5-6 	Touch right toe back and pivot ½ turn to right (weight ends on right)
7-8 	Rock forward on left, recover weight back on right
	Lock Shuffle Backwards, Touch, Pivot, Walk Backwards L, R, L, Heel Jacks
1&2 	Left lock shuffle backwards
3-4 	Touch right toe back and pivot ½ turn to right (weight ends on right)
5-7 	Walk back L, R, L
&8& 	Step back on R, touch L heel forward, step left next to right

	Walk R, L, Shuffle, Kick, Touch, ¾ Pivot with Knee Bend, ¼ Turn Right
1-2 	Walk forward R and L
3&4	 Right shuffle forward
5-6 	Kick L forward, touch L toe back
7-8 	Pivot ¾ turn left, bending right knee in, turn ¼ turn right (facing original wall, weight on right)
PART B	Step, Knee Bend, Slide, Shuffle, Rock and Recover
1-4 	Step left to left, bend right knee in, straighten up and slide left next to right
5&6 	Right shuffle forward
7-8 	Rock forward on left, recover weight back on right

	¾ Shuffle Turn Left, Side Rock, Syncopated Vine, Slow Unwind
1&2 	Left shuffle to L turning ¾ turn left
3-4 	Side rock to right, recover weight back to left
5&6 	Cross R behind L, step L to L side, cross R over left
7-8 	Slow unwind ¾ to the left
	Rock, Recover, Shuffle Backwards, Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Shuffle Backwards
1-2 	Rock R forward, recover weight back on L
3&4 	Right shuffle backwards
5-6 	Step back L and pivot ½ turn L (weight stays on right)
7&8 	Left shuffle backwards

	Out-Out, Shuffle, Step, Quick Lock, Unwind, Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Right (Repeat)
1-2 	Step out L and R
3&4 	Left shuffle forward
5&6& 	Step R forward, lock L behind R and pivot 1 full turn left
7&8 	Rock forward R, recover back to L, ½ turn to right
	Repeat the last 8 counts twice again. Will finish the dance facing opposite wall that you started on.

Choreographer’s note: 	After doing Part A 3 times and Part B once you do just the last 8 
			counts of Part B twice. Dance ends with a full pivot and legs are crossed.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2005