Cowboy Meets Cowgirl

Choreographed by Joana Contreras & Daniel Heller (Switz) Aug 2002
Description 32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate level
Music The Wild Wild West - Chris Cummings

	Scuff, tap,1/2 swivel turn, kick ball cross,1/4 shuffle turn
1,2 	Scuff Right forward, touch right toe behind Left
3&4 	2 swivels with 1/2 turn right
5&6 	Kick Right in front, step Right beside Left, Left cross over Right
7&8 	Right shuffle right with 1/4 turn right
	1/2 Pivot turn,1/2 syncopated grapevine, kick ball cross, lock shuffle
1,2 	1/2 pivot turn RIGHT
3,4 	Step Left left, cross Right behind Left
&5 	Left beside Right, kick Right diag. RIGHT
&6 	Right beside Left, Left cross in front of Right
7&8 	1/4 turn left on Left with Right lock shuffle back
	Coaster step, mambo cross,1/2 pivot turn, kick, coaster step
1&2 	Left coaster step
3&4 	Right mambo cross
5,6 	1/2 pivot turn right with weight on Left, kick Right in front
7&8 	Right coaster step
	Jazz shuffle with 1/4 turn, kick ball steps
1,2 	Cross Left over Right, step back on Right
3&4 	1/4 turn left with left shuffle on Left
5&6 	Right kick ball step (travelling forward)
7&8 	Right kick ball step (travelling forward)
Note: After 3 and 6 walls: for 8 counts apple jacks at the end weight on the Left to start again.
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