Cowboy Band
Choreographed by Max Perry 92/93
Description  32 Count 4 Wall Line Dance
Music  Cowboy Band - Billy Dean -  CD - Men'll Be Boys

	Toe, Heel And Toe, Heel
1,2 	Touch Right toe in to Left instep, Touch Right heel to right side
&3,4 	Quickly Step Right next to Left, Touch Left to in to Right instep, Touch Left Heel to left side
	Grapevine Left with 1/4 Turn Left, Stomp Together
5-7 	Step Left to left side, Cross Right behind Left, Turn 1/4 Left and step Left forward
8 	Stomp Right next to Left
	Jump Out, Jump Cross, Unwind Turn, Clap
&1&2 	Step Right to right side (small step), Step Left to left side (small Step) (& 1)
	Step Left home (toward Right), Cross Right over Left (&2)
Note 	You could also just jump with both feet and land with them just a shoulder width apart,
	jump with both feet and land with the Right crossed over the Left for counts 1,2
3-4 	Unwind (turn) 1/2 Left (3), Clap Hands (4)
	2 Shuffles Forward
5&6 	Right Shuffle forward (R,L,R),
7&8 	Left Shuffle forward (L,R,L)
	Rock Step, Full 360 Spin Right
1-2 	Rock Step Right forward, Step back onto Left foot & turn 1/2 right
3-4 	Step Right forward & turn 1/2 Right, Step Left back
	Right Shuffle, Left Shuffle
5&6 	Right shuffle to right side
7&8 	Left shuffle to left side
	3 Count Turn Right, Stomp, 3 Count Turn Left, Stomp (Rolling 360's)
1-4 	Turn 1/4 right & Step Right forward turning 1/2 right, Step Left back turning 1/4
	Right, Step Right to right side, Stomp Left next to Right
5-8 	Turn 1/4 left & Step Left forward turning 1/2 left, Step Right back turning 1/4
	left, Step Left to left side, Stomp Right next to Left
Note 	You can substitute plain grapevines for these spins. Also add hand claps with the stomps.
	Begin Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert August 2002