Cowboy Strut

  4 Fans 8 counts
  Start with feet together, push right heel to right side (keeping toes together),
Repeat left, right, left
  Double. dig forward, behind (4 counts)
  Tap right heel twice in front
  Tap right toe twice behind
  Single .Clap, Single, clap
  Tap right heel once to front, lean back & clap.
  Tap right toe behind, lean forward & clap.
  Struts (x4) (8 Counts)
  Step forward onto right heel, "slap" flat of foot to floor
  Repeat left, right left.
  Cross steps (x 2) (8 counts)
  Cross right foot over, left, step back onto left.
Step right foot to right turning 1/4 turn to right to face 2nd wall or dance).
  Low - Jump feet together.
  Repeat cross - step facing 2nd wall of dance
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