Country Club

POSITION Individuals in a line.
MUSIC 'Country Club' by Travis Tritt; The Wanderer' by Eddie Rabbit
This is a nice, easy, well paced line dance. It was choreographed to 'Country Club' but fits well with other moderately timed music.
1&2 With right - kick, ball, change
(Kick forward with right foot, step on ball of right foot, step on left foot.)
3&4 Repeat steps 1 & 2
5-8 Vine to the Right
(Step to right with right, step behind right with left, step to right with right, stomp up left beside right.)
9&10 With left - kick, ball, change
(Kick forward with left foot, step on ball of left foot, step on right foot )
11&12 Repeat 9&10
13-16 Vine to the Left
(Step to left with left, step behind left with right, step to left with left, raise right up behind left knee
and touch with left hand)
17-18 Step forward on right, touch left beside right
19-20 Step back on left, touch right beside left
21-22 Step forward on right while turning 1/4 turn to left, Step on left
23&24 Kick forward with right two times
25-26 From kick ~ step back on right, Step back on left
27-28 Step back on right, Pump with left
29-30 Step forward on left, touch right foot behind left knee
31-32 Step back on right,Pump with left
33-34 From pump - step forward on left, Slide right up beside left
35-36 Step forward on left, Stomp right beside left
  BEGIN AGAIN                                                                                                 December 2000
  Steps 17. 18, 19 & 20 CAN ALSO BE DONE as two forward right hip bumps on (17 & 18)
and two hip bumps back on the left (19 & 20).