Counting Rounds
Choreographer  Ramon Busqué "raycountry" (Catalunya) 11/01
Description  32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate level
Music   Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo - Tracy Byrd (127 bpm) CD: Ten Rounds

	(Forward Pivot 1/2 Turn Left) X 2, Chasse’ Right, Rock Step
1-2 	Step right forward, pivot 1/2 turn left
3-4 	Step right forward, Pivot 1/2 turn left
5&6 	Step right to right side, step left close to right, step right to right side
7-8 	Rock back on left, step right in place (recover)
	Ronde, Cross, Touch, Stomp, Swivels With 1/4 Turn Left, Slide, Drag
9-10 	Ronde left toe from back to front, step left cross over right
11-12 	Touch right toe to right side, stomp right in front of left (5th position)
13&14 	Swivel heels right, swivel heels left, swivel heels right with 1/4 turn left (weight on right)
& 15-16 Slide left diagonally forward, drag right toe from back to close left (in two counts. 15-16)
	Step, Forward, Touch Heel-Toe-Heel, Coaster Step, Touch Heel-Toe
&17-18 Step right in place, step left forward, touch right heel forward
19-20 	Touch toe cross over left, touch right heel forward
21&22 	Step right back, step left beside right, step right forward
23-24 	Touch left heel to left side (toe pointing 45° left), touch left toe back
	Scuff, Touch Heel Toe Heel, Coaster Step, Touch Heel Toe
25-26 	Scuff left beside right, touch left heel forward
27-28 	Touch left toe cross over right, touch left heel forward
29&30 	Step left back, step right beside left, step left forward
31-32 	Touch right heel to right side (toe pointing 45° right) touch right toe back
	Repeat Again And Enjoy ...
Note 	On wall No 8 there is a break in the music (for 8 counts), keep dancing at the same
	beat and change the last 16 counts of the dance for the next four (This wall have only 20 counts):
17-18 	Rock forward on right, step left in place (recover)
19-20 	Rock back on right, step left in place (recover)
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