Corrine Corrina

Choreographed by 	Harold Grimshaw (UK) (1st July 2010)
Description 	48 Count 2 Walls Improver
Music 		Corrine Corrina - Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel CD: Willie And The Wheel 
Note 		Music 100 bpm Dance written as 200 counts per minute (Double Time)
		Intro: 48 - Start on Vocals
Section 1 	Heel, Step, Heel, Hook, Fwd. Lock Step, Hold
1-4 		Dig Right Heel Fwd., Step Right Together, Dig Left Heel Fwd., Hook Left
5-8 		Step Left Fwd., Lock Right Behind, Step Left Fwd., Hold
Section 2 	Fwd. Rock, Back, Hold, Back Lock Step, Hold
1-4 		Step Right Fwd., Rock Weight Back onto Left, Step Back on Right, Hold
5-8 		Step Left Back, Lock Right over Left, Step Left Back, hold
Section 3 	Swing Step Behind, Hold (x2); Swivel, Hold (x2)
1-4 		Swing Step Right behind Left, Hold, Swing Step Left behind Right, Hold
5-8 		Swivel Heels Right, Hold, Swivel Heels to Centre, Hold (weight on left)
Section 4 	Coaster Back, Hold, Charleston
1-4 		Step Right Back, Step Left Together, Step Right Fwd., Hold
5-8 		Swing Touch Left Fwd., Hold, Swing Step Left Back, Hold
Section 5 	Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Hold, Charleston
1-4 		Right Shuffle 1/2 Right, Hold
5-8 		Swing Touch Left Fwd., Hold, Swing Step Left Back, Hold
Section 6 	Back, Hold, Cross, Hold, Rocking Chair
1-4 		Step Right Back, Hold, Cross Step Left over Right, Hold
5-8 		Step Right Fwd., Rock Back onto Left, Step Right Back, Rock Fwd. onto Left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert July 2010