Contra Christmas

Choreographer 	Johnny S' (UK - Dec. 2007
Description 	Contra Line Dance - 1 Wall: 40 Counts - Improver (Fun) Level!
Music 		Walking In A Winter Wonderland - Dolly Parton
Note: 		Dancers form 2 lines offset to face each other
1-8 	Chasse R & L With Rock-Recover X2
1&2	Chasse R
3-4 	Rock L back, Recover on R
5&6 	Chasse L
7-8 	Rock R back, Recover on L

9-16 	Walk Fwd X2,  Stomp X2,  Slap Hands X2,  Shuffle Fwd,  Pivot  Turn R:
1-2 	Walk forward R, L - make large steps if required (& HOLD for counts 3-4)
3-4 	Stomp forward on R, L - at same time slap your R hand to hand of
	person in row in front to your R, & Slap your L hand to person in row in
	front to your L
5&6 	Shuffle forward R, L, R
7-8 	Step L forward, Pivot  turn R (weight goes on R)

17-24 	Step - Touch X2,  Turn R & Touch,  R Kick-Ball-Change:
1-2 	Step L to L side, Touch R behind L
3-4 	Step R to R side, Touch L behind R
5-6 	On ball of R make  turn R stepping L to L side, Touch R beside L
7&8 	R kick ball change

25-32 	 Turn L, Step, Shuffle Fwd,  Stomp X2 (With Slaps),
	Shuffle Fwd, Shuffle  Turn R:
1-2 	Step R back into  turn L, Step L beside R
3&4 	Shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6 	Stomp fwd L, R - at same time Slap hands twice with persons in opposite row
7&8 	Shuffle forward L, R, L

33-40 	Walk X2 - & the rest can be called the Confused (extra Fun) Section
	- Also Making  Turn To Face Original Starting Row:
1-2 	Walk forward R, L
3-6 	While turned away from your opposite row - over the 8 counts in this
	section, it gives you the chance to change position (or not!), and when
	you turn to face your opposite row again you will be in a different place
	in your own row! Confused.! .just you wait till you have done it a few!!
	But hurry..& whatever you do, be prepared to start again with the Chasse R
	Happy Christmas..Have Lots of Fun..

Choreographer's Note: 	The dance is not phrased to any particular song...
			but who needs that at Christmastime anyway..
			so go ahead, smile and enjoy!
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert December 2007