Comin’ on Strong
Choreographed by John & Freida Utzig
Description 32 Count Partner Circle Dance, Sweetheart Position, Same Footwork - Except Last Eight Counts
Music Old Weakness by Tanya Tucker – 113 BPM
Chili Cha C ha by Jessica Jay - - - 130 BPM

Walk – Walk – Shuffle – Ό Turn – Touch – Sway – Hold
Walk forward Left-Right-Shuffle forward LRL
Step forward on Right, turning Ό Right – touch Left toe beside Right foot
{now facing OLOD in Indian Position} Sway Left onto Left and Hold for one count.
Sway – Hold – ½ Turn Shuffle – Sway – Hold – Sway – Hold
Sway to the Right and Hold for one count – Turn ½ Left shuffle LRL
{DLOD release Left hands – take Right hands over Ladies head – rejoin Left hands after shuffle} 
{Now facing ILOD in reverse Indian Position}
Sway to the Right onto Right and Hold for one count. Sway to the Left
Onto Left and Hold for one count.
Ό Turn Shuffle – Rock – Step – ½ Turn Shuffle – Coaster Step
Shuffle RLR turning Ό turn Left to face RLOD –Rock back on Left – recover onto Right.
Release Left hands as you shuffle forward LRL turning ½ turn Right to face LOD taking Right hands over 
Ladies head. Rejoin Left hands as you do a Right Coaster Step. {Now back in Sweetheart Position facing LOD}
Rock – Step – Shuffle {twice} Pivot Turn – Shuffle {twice}
Man: 	Rock forward on Left – recover onto Right – Shuffle back LRL.
{Take Left hands over Ladies head-now Left hands are over Right}
LADY: 	Step forward on Left – Pivot ½ turn Right onto Right –
Shuffle forward LRL. {Lady is facing RLOD}
MAN: 	Rock back on Right – recover onto Left – shuffle forward
	RLR. {Take Left hands over Ladies head – back to Sweetheart Position}
LADY: 	Step forward on Right – Pivot ½ turn Left onto Left – shuffle forward RLR. 
	{Both facing LOD}
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