Cold as Ice
Choreographed by Daniel Whittaker, Dynamite Dot, Liam Hrycan & Stephen Sunter. August 2000
Description 32 Count, 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music Still In Love With You - Travis Tritt (Start on Vocals)
  White Line Casanova - Brooks & Dunn
  Or any other fast Lively Polka music

  Step, Lock & Step, Lock & Rock Step, 1/2 Right Turn Scuff
1,2 Step Right diagonally forward Right, Lock Left behind Right
& Step Right slightly forward and to the Right
3,4 Step Left diagonally forward Left, Lock Right behind Left
& Step Left slightly forward and to the Left
5,6 Rock forward Right, Replace weight to Left
7,8 Make 1/2 turn right as you step forward Right, Scuff Left beside Right
  Chasse Left 1/4 Right, Coaster Step, Full Turn Forward, Kick Ball Step
9&10 Step Left to side, Close Right to Left, Step Left making a 1/4 turn Right
11&12 Step Right back, Close Left to Right, Step forward Right
13,14 Make 1/2 turn Right and step Left back, Make 1/2 turn Right and step Right forward
15&16 Kick Left forward, Step Left beside Right, Step forward Right
  Rock Step, 1/2 Turn Chasse, Step 1/2 Pivot, Rock Step, Touch
17,18 Rock Left forward, Replace weight to Right
19& Make 1/4 turn Left as you step Left to side, Close Right to Left
20 Make 1/4 turn Left as you step Left forward
21,22 Pivot 1/2 turn Left stepping back on Right, Rock back Left
23,24 Replace weight to Right, Touch Left toe beside Right
  Left Shuffle, Step Right, Brush Left, Back, Tap Tap, Stomp, Clap
25&26 Step Left forward, Close Right to Left, Step forward Left
27 Step forward Right
28,29 Brush Left forward, Brush Left back and across Right
30& Tap Left toe twice
31,32 Stomp Left forward, Clap
  Begin Again
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  Liam Hrycan: +44 (0) 161 4275510 -- Stephen Sunter: +44 (0) 1282 601902
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