Closing The Gap

Choreographed by: Benjamin Smart (Dec 08) -
Description : 48 count - 2 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance
Start dancing on lyrics 
Music House With No Curtains - Alan Jackson (CD: Everything I Love [82bpm])
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Step, Turn, Side, Drag 
1-3 Step left to side, turn a full turn left (hitch right knee into Figure 4 during the turn), touch right together 
4-6 Step right to side, drag left together over 2 counts 
Cross Twinkle, Cross Turn 
7-9 Cross left over right, step right to side, step left to side 
10-12 Cross right over left, turn right and step left back (3:00), turn 3/8 right and step right to side (7:30) 
Develope, Touch, Rock, Replace, Step 
13-15 Hitch left knee (to Figure 4), kick left forward, touch left forward 
16-18 Rock left forward, recover to right, step left back (7:30) 
Step, Side Cross, Side, Turn 
19-21 Step right back, step left diagonally forward (4:30), cross right over left 
22-24 Step left forward
(4:30), step right to side, turn left and step left forward (10:30) 
Check, Slide, Back, Replace 
25-27 Cross right over left, slide left back over 2 counts 
Lower body through right knee as you slide the left back 
28-30 Step left back, step right slightly back, step left forward 
Forward Cross, Side Step, Cross, Turn 
31-33 Cross right over left, step left forward, step right to side (10:30) 
34-36 Cross left over right, step right to side, turn left and step left to side (4:30) 
Counts 31-33 are facing 10:30. 34-36 are facing 4:30 
Step, Turn, Ronde, Step Turn, Step 
37-29 Step right forward, turn right (ronde left from back to front during the turn), touch left forward 
40-42 Step left forward, step right forward, turn left and step left forward (6:00) 
Step, Bent Knee Cross Leg Raise, Back Together, Hold 
43-45 Step right forward, hitch left knee (Figure 4), step left back 
46-48 Step right back, touch left together, hold 
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert December 2008