Chasing The Tide

Choreographed by	David Thomas, Scotland, March 2019
Description 	4 Wall , 32 Count, Improver Line Dance
Music 		The Ship and the Bottle - Brett Young - Intro: 16
	One 4 Count Tag. Wall 11, See Below
	R Side Cross Side, L Rock Back Recover 1/8 Turn L, Walk Fwd L, R Shuffle Fwd
1-2 	Step R to side, Cross step L over R
3-4 	Step R to side, Rock Back on L making 1/8 turn L (10:30)
5-6 	Recover weight forward on R, Walk forward on L
7&8 	Shuffle forward R,L,R
	L Forward Rock Recover, Step Back L Drag R, R Behind,
	L Side (1/8 Turn L), R Cross Shuffle
1-2 	Rock forward on L, Recover on R
3-4 	Step back on L, Drag R to L
5-6 	Cross step R behind L, Step L to side making 1/8 turn L (9:00)
7&8 	Cross shuffle L stepping R,L,R
	Step Back L  Turn R, Step R To Side  Turn R, L Side, R Cross Behind,
	L Side Rock Recover, L Cross Behind, Step Forward  R
1-2 	Make  Turn Right stepping back on L, Make  Turn Right stepping R to side (3:00)
3-4 	Step L to side, Cross step R behind L
5-6 	Rock L to side, Recover on R
7-8 	Cross step L behind R, Step forward on R making  Turn R (6:00)
	L Forward Rock Recover, L Shuffle  Turn, Step Pivot  L, R Cross, Step Back L
1-2 	Rock forward on L, Recover on R
3&4 	Shuffle  Turn L stepping L,R,L (12:00)
5-6 	Step forward on R, Pivot  Turn L (9:00)
7-8 	Cross step R over L, Step back on L

Tag: 	During wall 11 the track will fade out. Continue dancing and add the flowing
	4 count Tag at the end of the wall facing 3:00

	Side, Forward, Cross, Back
1-2 	Step R to side, Step L forward
3-4 	Cross R over Left, Step back on L 			March 2019