Chasing Shadows

Choreographed by 	Frank Heelan ( Irl) Feb. 2016
Description 	32 Count, 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music 		Come on Back - Carlene Carter

Sect 1 	Right Rock Rec. Right Coaster Step. Walk Left, Walk Right. Shuffle Forward Left.
1-2 	Rock right forward. Rec. to left.
3&4 	Back right, left together. Forward right.
5-6 	Step forward left, right.
7&8 	Step left forward, right together, forward left.

Sect 2 	Right Side Rock Rec. Cross Shuffle. Left Rock Rec. Coaster 1/4 Turn Left.
1-2 	Rock right to side, recover to left.
3&4 	Cross right over left, left to side. Cross right over left.
5-6 	Rock left to left side, recover to right.
7&8 	Turn 1/4 left stepping back left. Right together, step forward left.

Sect 3	 Rock Right Fwd, Rec. Shuffle 1/2 Turn Right. Rock Left Forward, Rec. Left Scissor Step.
1-2 	rock forward on right, recover to left.
3&4 	Turn 1/4 right stepping right to right. Step left together, turn 1/4 right, stepping forward right.
5-6 	Rock forward left, recover to right.
7&8 	Rock left to left, recover to right. Cross rock right over left.

Sect 4 	Monterey 1/4 Right, Jazzbox.
1-2 	Point right to right side,make 1/4 turn right stepping right beside left.
3-4 	Point left to left side,step left beside right.
5-6 	Cross right over left,step back on left.
7-8 	Step right to right,step left beside right. 		February 2016