Choreographed by Dot Swain, Napier N.Z. 17/4/02 - 
Description 32 count - 2 wall - beginner line dance
Music Chain Gang-  Dani Leigh (CD A Shot of Whiskey)
Start at the second word Gang

1-2 	Rock Forward on Right, Rock Back on Left
3&4 	Shuffle Back R.L.R.
5-6 	Rock Back on Left, Rock forward on Right
7&8 	Shuffle Forward L.R.L.
1-2 	Step Forward on Right, Pivot 1/2 Turn Left
3&4 	Kick Ball Change on Right 
5&6 	Right Heel and Cross
7-8 	Swivel 1/4 Turn to Right on Balls of Feet & drop heels down
1&2 	Side Shuffle to the Right R.L.R.
3&4 	Turn Half Turn Right and Shuffle to the Side L.R.L.
5&6 	Turn Half Turn Left and Shuffle to the Side R.L.R.
7&8 	Turn Half Turn Right and Shuffle to the Side L.R.L.
	(All travelling to right)
1&2 	Right Kick Ball Cross
&3&4& 	Cross & Cross
5-6 	1/4 Monterey Turn on Right to Right
7-8 	Point Left Toe to Side and Step Left Together
	There is a 4 count tag at the end of the 3rd wall
1-2 	Rock forward on the Right, Back on the Left
3-4 	Rock Back on Right, Forward on Left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2004