Cha Cha Romo

Choreographed by 	Gordon Timms (UK) & Alison Johnstone (Nuline Perth WA …formerly Scotland)
Description 	32 Count: 2 Wall Intermediate Cha Cha Rhythm linedance January 2011
Music 		Todo Todo Todo - Daniela Romo CD: La Historica
		Start the dance on the vocals after 32 counts
SECT 1 	Step Half Turn Right, Half Right Turning Shuffle, Rock and Recover, Kick Ball Point
1-2 	Step forward on Left, pivot half turn Right
3&4 	Turning half turn Right again –Left shuffle slightly backwards
5-6 	Rock back on the Right foot, recover on Left.
7&8 L	ow kick forward with Right foot (toe points down), replace weight on Right, point Left to Left side
	Faces 12.00
SECT2 	Cross Left in Front of Right, Step Right to Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock and Recover
	Turning a Quarter over Left, Shuffle Right
1-2 	Cross Left in front of Right, Step Right to side
3&4 	Crossing Left Shuffle stepping Left over Right, Right to Right side, Left over Right.
5-6 	Rock Right to Side, Left Recover on Left Quarter turning over left
7&8 	Small Shuffle Forward Right, Left Right
	Faces 9.00
SECT 3 	Point Touches, Kick Ball Point, Knee Pops, Quarter Turn Right, Coaster Step #
1-2 	Touch point left in front of right, touch point left to left side place weight on left, point right to right side
3&4 	on balls of both feet swivel ¼ turn right for (6)
5-6 	Low kick forward with left, (toe points down) rePop right knee in towards left for (5),Pop knee out
&7&8 	Follow through with a right coaster step, Right, Left, Right
	Faces 12.00
SECT 4 	Paddle Turn Quarter over Right, Paddle Turn Quarter Over Right,
	Cross Left over Right, Hold, Ball Step, Step Right Forward
1-2 	Touch Left Toe forward, Quarter turn over Right
3-4 	Touch Left Toe forward, Quarter turn over Right
5-6 	Cross Left in front of Right, Hold
&7- 8 	Small Step Right to Side angling body to 4.30 (&), Step Left beside Right, Step Right forward straightening to 6.00 wall
Faces 6.00 (*TAG HERE END 1ST WALL and 7th WALL*)
(** TAG HERE END 5th WALL **)
TAG: * 	At the end of the 1st and 7th wall…facing 6.00 Step Left to Side Swaying Hips,
	Recover Right Swaying Hips, Sway Left, Sway Right.*
TAG2: ** At end if 5th wall…facing 6.00 Dance 1st Tag as above then add a hip roll anti clockwise
	for 4 counts** The dance will finish facing Font at the end of the dance 12.00

Alison Johnstone (Australia):  Mobile +61 404 445 076 EMail: 
Gordon Timms (UK):  Home: +44 1793 490697 Mobile: +44 7787 383059