Caught Up In The Country

Choreographed by 	Richard Jackson – November 2018 ~
Description 	32 Count, 4 Wall Line Dance
Music 		Caught Up In The Country- Rodney Atkins
1-8 	Right Side Shuffle, Rock Left Over Right Recover, ¼ Left Sailor Step,
	Right Kick Ball Change
1&2 	Right Side Shuffle
3-4 	Rock Left Over Right, Recover Weight Back On To Right
5&6 	Left ¼ Turn Sailor Step (L Back, ¼ Turn Left stepping back on R, Step L)
	Now Facing 9 O’Clock)
7&8 	Rick Kick-Ball-Change

9-16 	Walk Right, Left, Right Kick, Right Back, Left Coaster, Right Stomp, Clap Twice
1-4 	Walk Forward Right, Left, Kick Right Foot Forward, Right Step Back
5&6 	Left Coaster Step (L Back, R Together, L Forward)
7&8 	Step Right Forward, Clap Twice

17-24 	Left Fwd Rock Recover, Left Coaster, Right Fwd Rock Recover, ½ Right Shuffle Right
1-2 	Rock Left Forward, Recover Weight Back On to Right
3&4 	Left Coaster Step (L Back, R Together, L Forward)
5-6 	Right Rock, Recover Weight Back On to Left
7&8 	½ Right Shuffle To The Right (to the back) (Now Facing 3 O’Clock:New Wall)

25-32 	Left Step Forward, Right Hook Up Behind, Right Step Back, Left Kick,
	Left Step Back Home, Right Out, Left Out, Sway Right Left
1-4 	Left Step Fwd, Right Hook Up Behind Left (Slap R Heel with L Hand),
	Right Step Back, Left Kick Forward
5&6 	Left Step Home, Right Step Out, Left Step Out
7-8 	Sway Hips Right, Left				November 2018