Caribbean Calypso
Choreographed by Patricia E. Stott (UK) June 2000
Description 32 Count, 4 Wall Beginner / Intermediate Line Dance
Music Love Me, Love Me - The Dean Brothers CD Stuck On You,

  Cross Rock, Chasse Right, Cross Rock Chasse Left
1-2 Cross rock right over left. Rock back onto left
3&4 Step right to right side. Close left beside right, Step right to right side
5-6 Cross rock left over right, Rock back onto right,
7&8 Step left to left side. Close right beside left. Step left to left side.
  Forward Rock, Triple 1/2 Turn Right Skate Steps, Shuffle Forward.
9-10 Rock forward on right. Rock back onto left,
11&12 Triple step 1/2 turn right, stepping - Right, Left, Right,
13 Step forward left swivelling towards left diagonal.
14 Step forward right swivelling towards right diagonal
15&16 Step forward left, Close right beside left. Step forward left.
  Weave Left. Hip Bumps.
17-18 Cross right over left. Step left to left side.
19-20 Cross right behind left, Step left to left side.
21-22 Bump hips left twice.
23-24 Bump hips right. Bump hips left.
  1 & 1/4 Turn Right, Side Step, Claps. Flick
25 Step right 1/4 turn right.
26 On ball of right make 1/4 turn right, stepping left to left side.
27 On ball of left make 3/4 turn right, stepping forward right.
28-29 Step left beside right, Step right to right side,
30&31 Clap hands three times.
32 Taking weight onto left, flick right back and to right side,
Styling: On Step 32 raise hands to shoulder level and click fingers,
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert March 2001