Can’t Remember

Choreographed by 	Gordon Elliott. Sydney. NSW. Australia. June 2013.
		(02) 9550-6789 -
Description 	32 Count 4 Wall Line dance
Music: 		Fill In The Blanks - Greg Bates. (Single)
	Side Shuffle, Back, Rock, Side Shuffle, Back, Rock
1&2 	Side Shuffle To The Right Step: R-L-R,
3-4 	Step L Back, Rock Forward Onto R,
5&6 	Side Shuffle To The Left Step: L-R-L,
7-8 	Step R Back, Rock Forward Onto R.
	Forward, Lock, Shuffle Forward, Forward, Rock, Coaster Step
1-2 	Step R Forward, Lock L Behind Right,
3&4 	Shuffle Forward Step : R-L-R,
5-6## 	Step L Forward, Rock Back Onto R,
7&8 	Coaster : Step L Back, Step R Together, Step L Forward
	Forward, Rock, Coaster Step, Pivot Turn, Shuffle Forward
1-2 	Step R Forward, Rock Back Onto L,
3&4 	Coaster: Step R Back, Step L Together, Step R Forward,
5-6 	Pivot: Step L Forward, Turn 180° Right Take Weight Onto R,
7&8 	Shuffle Forward Step : L-R-L.
	Forward, Touch, Forward, Touch, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Across
1-2 	Step R Forward, Touch L Toe To The Side,
3-4 	Step L Forward, Touch R Toe To The Side,
5-6 	Jazz Box : Step R Across In Front Of Left, Step L Back,
7-8 	Turn 90° Right Step R To The Side, Step L Across In Front Of Right.
	Repeat The Dance In New Direction
RESTART : On Wall 3 Dance To Beat 14 (## ) Then ADD The Following & Restart To The BACK
1-2 Step L Back, Touch R Toe Together			July 2013