Butterfly Tattoo

Choreographed by

Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette - 508-993-3258
Description  32 Count, Beginners/Intermediate Partner/Circle Dance
Couple starts in Sweetheart Position. Identical footwork unless noted!!!!
Music  Ticks - Brad Paisley

	Cross Step, Recover Step, Side Shuffle, Forward Step,
	1/2 CCW Turn,1/2 CCW Turning Shuffle
1-2 	Cross left over right,recover on right
3&4 	Side shuffle to the left left,right ,left
	On doing these steps,Couple will drop left hands as right hands go over ladyís head
5-6 	step forward on right ,step left making 1/2 CCW Turn
	Release right hands and pick up left hands, left hands will go over ladyís head.
7 	Step right making 1/4 CCW Turn
&8 	Step left making 1/4 CCW turn,step right next to left
	Back in Sweetheart Position.
	Rock Steps, Recover Steps, Forward Shuffles ,Forward Step,1/2 CCW Turn
1-2 	Rock back on left ,recover on right
3&4 	Shuffle forward left,right,left
	Release left hands.
5-6 	Step forward on right ,step left making 1/2 CCW Turn
	Drop right hands down to manís waist.
	They connect their left hands upon doing this move.
7&8 	Forward shuffle right ,left ,right
	Toe Touches, Sailor Shuffles
	Left hands are still at chest level.
1-2 	Touch left toe forward, touch left toe to the left side
3&4 	Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left to left side
5-6 	Touch right toe forward, touch right toe to the right side
7&8 	Step right behind left, step left to left side,step right to right side
	Rock Step, Recover Step,1/2 CCW Turning Shuffle, Forward Walks, Fwd Shuffle
1-2 	Rock forward on left, recover on right
	Release right hands as left hands go over Ladyís head..
3&4 	Step left making 1/4 CCW Turn, step right making 1/4 CCW Turn, step forward on left
5-6           Walk forward right, left

7&8	Shuffle forward  right, left, right

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