But I Like Her 2

Choreographed by 	Dave & Donna (11/08) Lnedanc2@aol.com
Description 	48 count intermediate circle partner dance
		Sweetheart position, same footwork
Music 		I Like Her, But She Don't Like Me - Matt Steel - (120 bpm)
		(Start after 16 counts). Available at www.mattsteel.com
		Can also be danced to many other medium speed Cha-Cha.
	Step Lock, Step Lock Step, Step Lock, Step Lock Step
1,2 	(Toward slight right diagonal) (1) Step forward Right, (2) Lock Left behind right
3&4 	(3) Step forward Right, (&) Lock Left behind right, (4) Step forward Right
5,6 	(Toward slight left diagonal) (5) Step forward Left, (6) Lock Right behind left
7&8 	(7) Step forward Left, (&) Lock Right behind left, (8) Step forward Left
	Step Turn, Step Touch, Chasse Left, Rock Step
9,10 	(1) Step forward Right, Raise Left arms, releasing right hands (2) Turn left stepping on Left
11-12 	(3) Step Right turning turn left, Man now behind Lady (4) Touch Left to right instep
13&14 	(5) Step Left to left, (&) Step Right together, (6) Step Left to left,
15-16 	(7) Rock Right across left (8) Recover weight on Left
	Step, Together, Shake your bootie, Step, Together, Shake your bootie
17-18 	(1) Step Right, (2) Step Left together,
19&20 	(3&4) Shake hips, right, left, right
21-22 	(5) Step Left, (6) Step Right together,
23&24 	(7&8) Shake hips, right, left, right, weight ends on right
	Left Weave, Turn, Hitch, Right Weave, Turn, Kick
25-26 	(1) Step Left to left, (2) Right behind left
27-28 	(3) Turn to left, Stepping on Left, release left hands bringing right hand over Lady's head
	(4) Hitch Right, Lady is now behind Man
29-30 	(5) Step Right to right, (6) Left behind right
31-32 	(7) Step Right into turn right, raising right hand back over Lady's head and
	back into Sweetheart position (8) Kick Left across right
	Jazz Box with a step, Hip Bumps, Coaster Step
33-36 	(1) Step Left across right, (2) Step Right back, (3) Step Left to left, (4) Step Right together
37-38 	(5) Bump hips Left, (6) Bump hips Right (Weight on Right)
39&40 	(7) Step Left back, (&) Step Right back, (8) Step Left forward
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle Step, Walk, Walk, Shuffle Step
41-42 	(1) Step forward Right, (2) Step forward Left
43&44 	(3) Step forward Right, (&) Left together, (4) Step Right
45-46 	(5) Step Left, (6) Step Right
47&48 	(7) Step Left, (&) Right together, (8) Step Left
	Begin Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk December 2008