CHOREOGRAPHER Jim & Julie Krywko - - (302)836-3496
DESCRIPTION 32 Count, This is a couples mixer. Men start on the inside of the circle
facing out, and women on the outside facing in, men's left to ladies
right hand and men's right to ladies left hand facing each other, feet
together with weight on men's right, ladies left.
MUSIC Old Pop In An Oak by Rednex (preferred)
Rodeo Rock by Jimmy Collins
If Wishes Were Horses by Kimber Clayton (practice)

	Mans Footwork: (Lady is on opposite footwork)

1-2	Step left to left, Cross right behind left
3-4	1/4 turn left while stepping forward on left, Scuff right foot forward
5-6	 Cross right foot over left, Scuff right foot forward
7&8	Shuffle right forward Right-Left-Right
	[Notes: On 1/4 turn release left hand and go into side-by-side position]

9&10	Shuffle left forward Left-Right-Left
11-12	Tap right heel forward, Cross right foot over left
13-14	Tap right heel forward, Step right foot in place
15-16	Tap left toe to left, Tap left toe to partner's right in front
	[Note: Release hands]

17-18	Step left to left side, Turn 1/2 turn left while touching right next to left
19-20	Step right to right, Touch left next to right
21-22	Step left to left side, Turn 1/4 turn left while touching right next to left
23-24	Step right foot forward, Touch left next to right
[Notes: Step away from each other, on return vine pattern men stagger yourself so you are in between your partner
	and one lady back -- Clap on first three touch steps, slap partners hands on forth - SOFTLY! - by clapping the
	left of last partner and the right of new partner, these are the ladies you are in between.]

25&26	Shuffle left forward Left-Right-Left - [passing new lady on your right]
27-28	Rock forward on right, turn slightly left, Step back on left, with new lady on your left
29&30	Shuffle right back Right-Left-Right [passing new lady on your left]
31-32	Rock back on left, Step forward on right joining hands of new partner
	[During the shuffles cross in between ladies and with final step turn position yourself with your new partner
	one lady back, join hands facing outside of the circle.

Dance is over begin again with new partner in vine pattern!
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert September 2001