Broken Heart

Choreographed by 	Angela & Peter Kimber - October 2015 – 01993 831248
Description 	64 count partner dance Start in Sweetheart position - same foot throughout –
Music: 		Walkin’ A Broken Heart - Don Williams (CD: It Must Be Love) 16 count intro
1-12 	Rocking Chair,Shuffle fwd,Heel + Toe,Shuffle fwd,Heel + Toe
1-4 	Rock RT fwd, Recover on LT,Rock RT back ,Recover on LT
5-8 	Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT,T ouch LT heel fwd, Touch LT toe back
9-12 	Shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT, Touch RT heel fwd, Touch RT toe back
13–24	Step fwd,Step to side with ¼ turn (to OLOD),Step behind, Step side,
	Cross shuffle,Side rock,Recover,Cross shuffle, Side rock, Recover
13–16 	Step RT fwd,Step LT to side with ¼ turn RT(to OLOD),Step RT behind, Step LT to side
	(Into Indian position as turn)
17–20 	Cross shuffle RT over LT, Rock LT to side, Recover on RT
21–24 	Cross shuffle LT over RT, Rock RT to side, Recover on LT

25-32 	Point fwd,Point side,Sailor ¼ turn (to RLOD),
	Walk fwd x 2, LADY: Shuffle fwd, MAN:Shuffle fwd with ½ turn RT (to LOD)
25-28 	Point RT fwd,Point RT to side,Step RT to side with ¼ turn RT (to RLOD),Step LT,Step RT
29-32 	Walk LT,RT fwd, LADY:Shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT MAN:Shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT with ½ turn RT (to LOD)
	(Release hands as Man turns)
33-40 	Long step to side,Close,Shuffle fwd,Long step to side,Close,
	LADY:Shuffle back MAN:Coaster step
33-36	Long step RT to side,Close LT (passing face to face), Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT
37-40 	Long step LT to side,Close RT (passing back to back),
	LADY: Shuffle back LT,RT,LT MAN:Step LT back,Close RT,Step LT fwd
41-48 	LADY:Shuffle fwd with ½ turn RT (to LOD) MAN:Shuffle fwd
	BOTH:Shuffle back with ½ turn RT (to RLOD),Shuffle back,Step back,Touch
41-48 	LADY:Shuffle fwd R-L-R with ½ turn RT (to LOD) MAN:Shuffle fwd R-L-R
	BOTH:Shuffle back L-R-L with ½ turn RT (to RLOD),Shuffle back R-L-R,Step L back,Touch R
	(Pick up in Sweetheart as Shuffle back)
49-56 	Rocking Chair,Step fwd,Step fwd with ½ turn LT (to LOD),Shuffle fwd
49-52 	Rock RT fwd,Recover on LT,Rock RT back,Recover on LT
53-56 	Step RT fwd,Step LT fwd with ½ turn LT (to LOD),Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT
57-64 	Walk fwd x 2,Shuffle fwd,Long step fwd on diagonal + Touch x 2
57-64 	Walk LT,RT fwd,Shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT
	Long step RT fwd on diagonal,Touch LT,Long step LT fwd on diagonal,Touch RT
	Start Again				December 2015