Choreographer Irene Lloyd
Description Partner Dance - Sweetheart Position, Ladies & Gents same footwork
Music That's The Breaks by George Strait
We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This by George Strait

1-4 Step Right to Right side, cross Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, brush Left forward
5-8 Step forward on Left, rock back on Right, Left shuffle making 1/2 turn Left (you are now facing
 RLOD). Release Right hands and raise Left while turning. Gent passing under Ladies Left arm.
Rejoin Right hands in front and under Left hands VW position
9-16  Repeat Steps 1-8, you are now facing LOD Keeping hands joined, raise Left while turning.
Ladies passing under Gents Left arm. Into Sweetheart position
17-24 Step Right forward (diagonally Right), touch Left beside Right, step Left forward (diagonally Left),   
touch Right beside Left, Step Right back (diagonally Right), touch Left beside Right, step Left back
(diagonally Left), touch Right beside Left
25-32 Step Right forward, brush Left, forward coaster step (step Left forward, Right together, Left back), 
step Right back, touch Left beside Right, coaster step (back Left, Right together, Left forward), 
step  right forward, brush Left, Left shuffle forward, step Right fwd, brush Left, Left shuffle fwd
33-40 Step Right forward, rock back onto Left, turn 1/2 turn Right while doing a Right shuffle in place,  step Left forward, rock back onto Right, rum 1/2 Left while doing a Left shuffle in place Keeping hands joined     
Ladies steps (keeping hands joined)
41-48 Do a 3/4 turn to the Right - stepping Right, Left, Right shuffle, do a 3/4 turn to the Left - stepping Left,
Right, Left shuffle
41-48 Gents steps (help Ladies turn!)
In place step Right, Left, Right shuffle (raise Left hand over Ladies head. Turn to face Lady,
bring Left down. Hands should be crossed infront - Left hand above Right) in place step Left,
right, Left shuffle (turning back to LOD raise Left hand over Ladies head. Back into sweetheart  
position.facing LOD)
49-56 Both
Right shuffle fwd, Left shuffle fwd, step fwd Right, brush Left, step fwd Left, brush Right
Start Again
Note To the fast music suggestion after 3 sequences there is a break in the music, do the following to fit the
music perfectly!
1-4 (release Right hands) Step Right forward, hold, (raise Left hand), pivot 1/2 turn Left, hold
5-8 Repeat 1-4
9-14 (Rejoin Right hands, back in sweetheart position) Step Right forward and hold for further 5 beats          (start dancing again when he says 'doin'!!)
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2001