Boyfriend For Two

Adapted From	Yvonne Andersons Line Dance "Boyfriend of the Year"  by Al Ord
Description	64 Count Partner Dance
		Start in Rt Side by Side (Sweetheart) facing LOD - Same foot pattern
Music		My Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year - The McClymonts
		From CD Chaos and Bright Lights
	Rt Heel Hook Heel Flick, Step Fwd Touch Step Back Kick
1-4 	Touch Rt Heel Fwd, Hook Rt Heel across Lt, Touch Rt Heel Fwd, Flick Rt Heel Back
5-8 	Step Rt Fwd, Touch Lt behind Rt, Step Lt Back, Kick Rt Fwd
	Coaster Cross Hold, Side Rock Cross
9-12 	Step Rt Back, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Rt Fwd and Across Lt, Hold,
13-16 	Rock Lt to Lt side, Recover onto Rt, Step Lt across Rt, Hold
	2 x  Turns Lt Cross Hold (facing RLOD), Lt Heel Hook Heel Flick
17-20 	Make  Turn Lt Stepping Rt back,  Turn Lt Stepping Lt to Side, Step Rt Across Lt, Hold
21-24 	Touch Lt Heel Fwd, Hook Lt Heel Across Rt, Touch Lt Heel Fwd, Flick Lt Heel Back
Hands - Release Lt, turn Lady under Rt. Rejoin Lt in front lower Rt behind Man into Lt Skaters
	Step Fwd Touch Step Back Kick, Coaster Step Hold
25-28 	Step Lt Fwd, Touch Rt behind Lt, Step Rt Back, Kick Lt Fwd
29-32 	Step Lt Back, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt Fwd, Hold
	Rt Shuffle Fwd Hold, Step  Pivot Cross Hold (facing ILOD)
33-36 	Step Rt Fwd, Step Lt Beside Rt, Step Lt Fwd, Hold
37-40 	Step Lt Fwd, Pivot  turn Rt onto Rt, Step Lt Across Rt, Hold
	3 x  Turns Lt Hold (facing LOD), Lt Rumba Box Fwd Hold
41-44 	Side Step Rt  Turn Lt, Side Step Lt  Turn Lt, Step Rt  Fwd Turn Lt, Hold
45-48 	Step Lt to Lt Side, Step Rt Beside Lt, Step Lt Fwd, Hold
Hands -Turn under raised Lt and rejoin Rt in Rt Side by Side (sweetheart)
	Rt Rumba Box Fwd Hold, Rock Fwd Recover Rock Fwd (face Rt Diagonal) Hold
49-52 	Step Rt to Rt Side, Step Lt Beside Rt, Step Rt Fwd, Hold
53-56 	Rock Lt Fwd and bump Hips Lt, Rock Rt Back and Bump Hips Rt,
	Step Lt Fwd and bump Hips Lt, Hold
	Rock Fwd Recover Rock Fwd (face Lt Diagonal) Hold, Run Fwd Lt Rt Lt Hold
57-60 	Rock Rt Fwd and Bump Hips Rt, Rock Lt Back and Bump Hips Lt
	Step Rt Fwd and Bump Hips Rt, Hold
61-64	 Run Fwd Lt, Rt, Lt, Hold
	Start Again
April 2009

Thanks to Yvonne for permission to adapt her Line Dance script

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert