Boot Scootin Boogie

Choreographed by 		Larry & Sandy Smith
Description: 		46 count, intermediate/advanced partner dance
Music: 			Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks & Dunn [131 bpm WCS / Greatest Hits]
Position: 			Done in the travel lane moving counterclockwise in LOD to start.
			Man on inside & Lady on outside holding Lady's left hand in Man's right.
1-4 	Click heels together twice.
5-12 	Shuffle forward left-right-left right-left-right left-right-left right-left-right.
13-16 	Scuff left heel forward (exaggerated), cross left in front of right,
	swing left around in a circle to the left, step left forward.

17-20 	Scuff right heel forward (exaggerated), cross right in front of left,
	swing right around in a circle to the right, step right forward.
21-24 	Repeat steps 13-16.
25-28 	Repeat steps 17-20.
29- 	Stomp left beside right.
30- 33	Swivel heels to right, centre, left, centre.
34-35 	Man steps left forward & pivots  turn to right as lady steps right forward &
	pivots  turn to left (release hands & join opposite hands).
36-38 	Moving RLOD, man grapevines to right while lady twirls to her left (rejoin other hands).
39-40 	Cross/kick right over left, step right beside left.
41-42 	Cross/kick left over right, step left beside right.

43-46 	Man grapevines to left turning  to left & stomps right beside left as lady grapevines
	to right turning  to right & stomps left beside right (grapevines should be done with
	a exaggerated degree of motion).
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert July 2007