Blue Chip
Choreographer: Emmitt & Gloria Nelson
Description: 40 Count Partners, 4 Wall Stationary, Start in Tandem
Music: There Goes - Alan Jackson - 114 bpm,

  Forward Touch, Back Touch
1-2 Step forward right, touch with Left.
3-4 Step back Left, Touch with Right
  Lady 360 Turn Right into Side by Side Position
5-8 Man: Step R,L,R touch Left (in place)
  Lady:   Man will raise ladies Right arm (drop Left) as she turns 360 to her Right. Man will pick up left hand in side by side position.
9-12 Step forward Left, touch Right, step back Right, touch Left.
  Ladies 360 Left Turn (Tulip Turn) back in front of man
13-16  Man: Step L,R,L, touch Right.
  Lady: Man will lift both hands up & she will turn 360 degrees, turning to her Left (tulip turn)
ending back in front of man, both hands come down to ladies shoulders. Left to Left, right to right.
  Forward Touch, Back Touch
17-20 Step forward Right, touch Left, step back Left, touch Right.
  Man's 1/2 Turn Left, Ladies 1/2 Turn Right
21-24 Step R, L, R, touch Left.
  Man will lift ladies Left hand and lower Right hand, turning lady 1/2 turn to her Right as he is turning
1/2 turn to his Left. Lady will end up directly behind man.
Left hands on mans left shoulder and right
hands on mans right shoulder.
  Forward Touch, Back Touch
25-28 Step forward Left, touch Right, step back Right, touch Left.
  Man's 1/2 Turn Left & Ladies 1/2 Turn Right into Side by Side
29-32 Step L,R,L touch Right. Man will lift both hands turning lady 1/2 to her Right as he is turning 1/2
turn to his left ending in side by side position
  Man's Right Grapevine, Ladies Cross Behind
33-36 Step R,L,R, touch Left.
  Man will drop left hand & lift right hand as he vines to his right (small steps) as man lifts right hand,
lady will step back on right, step left foot to left side crossing behind man to his left side, lady step
forward with right & touches with left. Man's right arm will be behind man's back, man will pick up
ladies left hand in front of lady.
  Man's 1/4 Turn Left, Ladies 3/4 Turn Right
37-40 Step L,R,L, touch Right.
  Man will drop right hand & pull slightly on ladies left hand helping her start a 3/4 turn to her right. As
lady is turning, man will turn 1/4 turn to his left. Left
hand returns to ladies left hip, retake right hand. You should be back into starting position.
  Start Again!
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert February 2001