Blue Bayou

Choreographed By 	The Chipmunks 1993
Description	Partner Circle Dance, Holding Both hands Steps are Mirror Image Mans Steps given,
		Man facing OLOD, Lady facing ILOD,
Music 		Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison or most cover versions

Sec 1	Step left to left side, Cross right behind left, make a 1/4 turn to face LOD, then raise right Leg, Touch right
	toe to floor, Raise right, Step back on right Making 1/4 turn to face partner, Touch Left next to Right 

Sec 2	Step Left to side, Slide right up to Left, step left to side, touch Left next to right,
	[Turn Lady's to the outside over left shoulder 3/4 turn Keeping hold of both hands Gents Right
	hand kept Low Turning lady with left hand over her head ]. Step right to right side, Slide left up to right,
	Step right to right side, Pivot on right 1/4 turn to face LOD Touching left next to right 
	[Reverse the Lady's turn "Above" turning her 1. 1/2 turns "Inside turn" over her right shoulder 
	to end in Wrap & Both facing LOD *8

Sec 3	Step forward on Left, Kick across Left with Right, Step forward on right, Touch left next to right,
	Repeat last 4 counts [ Steps ]

Sec 4 	Vine Out , Kick right across Left, [ Lady's Do a 3 step right turn dropping left hand ]
	Vine In, making a 1/4turn right, touch Left next to right. [ Lady's 3 step 1. 1/4turn touch to
	end facing partner, This is a free turn ]

Sec 5	 Bump Hips Left twice, Right twice, then Left, Right, Left, Right 
	Start Again 

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,

Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

Aug 2000