Big Heart.
Choreographer Mabel Thompson
Description Circle Partner dance, Waltz. 36 counts. Sweetheart, both starting on left
Music The Bigger The Heart - Plain Loco. From the CD "Blue Memories."
1-3 Basic waltz stepping forward on LRL The same
4~-6. 1/2 turn back over right shoulder on RLR. The same
  (now facing RLOD in reversed sweetheart)  
7-9. Keeping hold of left hands (raised) make a Rolling turn
 right on LRL passing in front of gent back into sweetheart, .
Grapevine left on LRL raising left arm as lady rolls 
across into sweetheart
l0-12 Rock forward on right, rock back on left make a 1/4 turn right on right. The same
  You are both now facing ILOD gent behind lady holding finger tips over Lady's shoulders.


Weave to the right, crossing left over right, step right to side., cross left behind right

Step right to side, make 1/2 turn to right on left, 
right to face OLOD

Weave right on LRL, RLR, raise the left arm as Lady 
starts to turn under on the last two
counts, change 
hands dropping right hand to Lady's waist, left hand 
holding lady's right, arms extended, 
you are now facing each other.
19-24. BOTH, turn a full clockwise turn on LRL, RLR, (PINWHEEL TURN) to finish still facing each other
25-27 Cross diagonally in front of man under
mans raised right arm on LRL
Cross diagonally behind lady raising right
arm for lady to pass under on LRL
28-30. Cross diagonally in front of man under mans
raised left arm on RLR.
Cross diagonally behind Lady, picking up Lady's
Rt hand and raising arm for lady pass under, on RLR

These six steps are similar to twinkles, BUT YOU ARE MOVING FORWARD to finish facing LOD man OLOD , 
lady ILOD, holding hands. Gents left lady's right

31-33. Keeping hold of hands, roll across front of gent On LRL, 
as you roll place left arm across waist enable gent to 
pick up hand as you go into a Wrap (cuddle)
Keeping hold of hands move behind lady on LRL as 
she rolls across in font pick up lady's left hand at 
waist level, you are now
in the wrap position.
34-36. BOTH - basic waltz forward on RLR as you do so change hands to finish in sweetheart position
ready to start the dance again

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

July 2000