Big Big Love For 2

Choreographed by 	Linda Sansoucy - Quebec (Canada) March 2013 ~
Description 	32 Count, Partner Dance in Right Open Promenade, Facing LOD
		Man’s footwork described. Lady’s footwork is opposite
Music 		Big Big Love – Dereck Ryan - 69 BPM Intro: 64 count
1-8 	Toe, Heel, Hold, Toe, Heel, Hold
1-2 	Touch left in (heel out), Touch left heel in (toe out)
3-4 	Stomp left forward, Hold
5-6 	Touch right in (heel out), Touch right heel in (toe out)
7-8 	Stomp right forward, Hold
9-16 	Rock Step Forward, Step Back, Back Scoot, Coaster Step, Hold
1-2 	Rock left forward, Recover to right
3-4 	Step left back, Scoot left back & Hitch right knee
5-6 	Step right back, Step left beside right
7-8 	Step right forward, Hold
17-24 	Military Pivot, Step Forward, Hold, Step Forward, 
	Turn ¼ left, Cross Over, Hold
1-2 	Step left forward, Pivot ½ turn right 		RLOD
3-4 	Step left forward, Hold
	Position Double Hand Hold
5-6 	Step right forward, Pivot ¼ turn left 		OLOD
7-8 	Cross right over left, Hold
25-32 	Weave, Point Side, Turn ¼ Left And Step Left Together, 
	Heel Touch Forward, Together
1-2 	Step left side, Cross right behind left
3-4 	Step left side, Cross right over right
5-6 	Touch left side, Turn ¼ left and step left together 	LOD
7-8 	Touch heel right forward, Step right together
	Position Right Open Promenade
	Repeat					February 2014