Beat Of The Music

Choreographed by 	Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair, Canada (2015)
Description 	Dance partners Beginner-Intermediate 32 counts
		Hand in hand position  R Shoulder to R shoulder
		Man and woman face to face LOD RLOD
		The steps of a man and woman are the same type, except where indicated
Music: 		Beat Of The Music - Brett Eldridge - Intro 16 accounts
1-8 	H: Step, Together, Triple Step, 1/4 Turn, Turn 1/4, 1/2 Turn Shuffle, 
	F: Step, Together, Triple Step, 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn, Triple Step 
1-2 	right over - left beside right
3&4 	Triple step right, left, right, on site
	Do not release your hands, make a pinwheel 1/2 turn right.
5-6 	1/4 turn right stepping forward - 1/4 turn right and right over
	the man will get behind the woman
7&8 	M: Shuffle left, right, left, 1/2 turn right
	F: Triple step left, right, left, up on
	Position Indian, facing LOD man behind the woman
9-16 	Step, Slide, Shuffle Fwd, Step, Slide, Shuffle Fwd,
1-2 	Step forward - Slide left foot next to right
3&4 	Shuffle right, left, right, advancing slightly diagonal right
5-6 	L front - Slide right next to left 
7&8 	Shuffle left, right, left, advancing slightly diagonal left
17-24 	H: (Wizard Steps) X2, Rock Step, Coaster Step,
	F: (Wizard Steps) X2, Rock Step, Triple 1/2 Turn,
1-2& 	Step forward - the Lock left behind right - step right forward
3-4& 	Step forward - Lock the right behind left - step left forward
5-6 	Rock right forward - recover to left
	Do not let go hands, pass the left arm above the head of the woman 
7&8 	H: Right behind - left beside right - right over 
	F: Triple step right, left, right, 1/2 turn Right
	Position Double Cross Hand Hold, L crossed hands over the hands R
	Man and woman face to face LOD RLOD
25-32 	Rock Step, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Walk, Walk, Touch.
1-2 	Rock forward - back on right
	Release hands.
3&4 	Shuffle left, right, left, 1/2 turn left
5-6 	Step forward - Pivot 1/2 turn left
7&8 	Step forward - Step forward - Point  R beside left
	Resume the starting position, man facing LOD and woman facing RLOD
							November 2015