Banana Pancakes

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll – April 2014 pollykaz
		01379 853571
Description 	64 count dance, Sweetheart Position facing Line of Dance.
		Same footwork throughout unless stated.
Music: 		Banana Pancakes - Billy Currington- CD:We Are Tonight
	Step scuff, shuffle, Rock recover, shuffle ½ turn,
1-4 	Both, Step forward Right, scuff left, Left shuffle forward,
5-8 	Both, Rock forward Right, recover on Left, turn ½ Right shuffle into RLOD
	Step Scuff, shuffle, Rock recover, Shuffle ¼ turn
9-12 	Both, Step forward Left, scuff Right, Right shuffle forward
13-16 	Both, Rock forward Left, recover on Right, turn ¼ Left, side shuffle (facing OLOD)
	Man on Left side of lady In Sweetheart position
	Weave, Rock recover Shuffle ½ turn
17-20 	Both, Cross Right in front of Left, step left to left side, cross Right behind Left, Left to left side
21-24 	Both, Rock forward Right, recover on Left, Shuffle ½ turn Right (facing ILOD)
	Man on Right side of Lady
	Weave, (Lady ½ turn right) Shuffle, Shuffle
25-28 	Both, Cross Left in front of right, Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right,
	turn ¼ Right, step forward R
29-32 	Man, Left Shuffle forward, Right Shuffle forward, (facing LOD)
	Hand crossed Left hands on top
	Lady, Turn ½ Right, Left shuffle back, Right Shuffle back, (facing RLOD)
	Step Pivot ½ turn Right Shuffle,(Lady Rock Recover),
	Walk, Walk (turning ½ turn Right) Shuffle
33–36 	Man Step forward Left, Pivot ½ Right, Left Shuffle forward into RLOD
	Lady Rock back Left, recover on Right, Left shuffle forward,
	Taking Left hands over Lady's head to Sweetheart
37-40 	Man Walk Right, Left, ( small steps) turning ½ Right, Right Shuffle,
	Man is on Right side of lady
	Lady Walk Right, Left, turning ½ Right, Right Shuffle,
	Side together, Shuffle, (Lady Full turn in front of man, to end on right hand side of man),
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle,
41-44 	Man Step side Left, Step Right beside Left, Left Shuffle forward,
	Taking Left arms over Lady's head
	Lady Turn ½ Right stepping back on Left, Turn ½ stepping forward on Right, Left shuffle forward
45-48 	Both, Walk Right, Left, Right Shuffle into LOD,
	Rock forward, recover, Shuffle ½ turn, Rock forward, recover, Shuffle,
49-52 	Both, Rock Forward Left, recover on Right, Shuffle ½ Left (facing RLOD)
	Left arms over Mans head
53-56 	Both, Rock Forward Right, recover on Left, Right Shuffle back,

	Toe ½ turn, Shuffle, Walk, Walk Shuffle,
57-60 	Both, Left Toe back, unwind½ turn Left, (weight on Left), Right Shuffle forward,
	Left arms over Lady's head
61-64 	Both, Walk, Left, Walk Right, Left Shuffle,
	Back into Sweetheart position
	Start Again						April 2014