Bad Girls

Choreographed by Paulette Hylands - 07762 792420 - 
Description 1 wall Intermediate Linedance
Music    Good girls go to heaven  -  Brooks & Dunn  122BPM
Last thing I do  -  Brooks & Dunn  122BPM
Pop   Escape  -  Enrique Iglesias

	Left Vine and stomp, jump point, Diagonal shuffle
1-2 	Step Left  to Left side, Right behind Left
3-4 	Step Left to Left side, Stomp Right beside Left
5-6 	Jump Left back pointing Right foot diagonally forwards, Right beside Left
7&8  	Left forwards, Right beside Left, Left forwards

	Jump 1/4 Left, Place, Swivet, 1/4 turn, Kick-ball 1/4 change
1-2  	Jump 1/4 Left on Right throwing Left leg in air, Place Left beside Right
3-4  	Swivel Right on heel of right foot and ball of left foot, back in place
5-6  	Forward on Right, Turn Left on ball of Right foot
7&8  	Kick Right forward, step on ball of Right, Step Left 1/4 Left

	Rock step, Sailor step, Skate & Shuffle
1-2  	Step forward on Right, Rock back on Left
3&4  	Step Right behind Left, Rock forward onto Left, Place Right beside Left
5-6  	Slide Left backwards, Slide Right backwards
7&8  	Slide Left backwards, Slide Right beside Left, Slide Left back

	Right vine, Cross, Prissy Walk, Right 1/4 cross coaster
1-2  	Step Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right
3-4  	Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right
5-6  	Walk Right over Left, Left over Right
7&8  	Cross Right over left, Rock back on ball of Left, Place Right foot 1/4 Left	
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