Back In The Swing

Choreographed by Ramon -
Description Partner circle dance, 32 counts. Country Western Closed. Partners face, 
with toes pointed towards each other.The man holds the lady’s right
hand in his left (shoulder height). His right hand or wrist rests on 
lady's left shoulder. The lady’s left hand rests on the man’s upper 
right arm. Man facing LOD.
Music Back In The Swing Of Things – Cody Widner – BPM: 178 – 
CD: Honky Tonk Heart

Man Lady
Rumba box
1 Side step right 1 Side step left
2 Step left beside right 2 Step right beside left
3-4 Step right forward, Hold 3-4 Step left back, Hold
5 Side step left 5 Side step right
6 Step right beside left 6 Step left beside right
7-8 Step left back, Hold 7-8 Step right forward, Hold

9 Side step right 9 Side step left
10 Step left behind right 10 Step right behind left
11-12 Side step right, Hold 11-12 Side step left, Hold
13 Side step left 13 Side step right
14 Step right behind left 14 Step left behind right
15  Step left back  15 Step right back
16 Step right cross over left  16  Step left cross Over right

Two Step
17-18 Step left forward, Hold 17-18 Step right back, Hold
19-20 Step right forward, Hold 19-20  Step left forward, Hold
21 Step left forward 21 Step right back
22  Step right forward 22 Step left back
23-24 Step left forward, Hold 23-24 Step right back, Hold

Rock step, step, hold, slow coaster step, hold
25 Step right forward 25  Step left back
26 Step left in place (recover)  26 Step right in place (recover)
27-28 Step right back, Hold 27-28 Step left forward, Hold
29 Step left back  29 Step right forward
30 Step right beside left 30 Step left beside right
31-32 Step left forward, Hold  31-32 Step right back, Hold

Dedicated to my "country" friends Paqui & Raul.

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2005