Baby Let’s Dance

Choreographed by	Paul and Sharon Hergert, December 2016,
Description	48 count partner circle dance, Side by side, holding inside hands,
		opposite footwork Man’s footwork listed except where noted
Music 		Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance - Garth Brooks, 113 bpm, CD: Gunslinger, Intro:32 counts
1-8 	Four shuffles forward
1&2 	Shuffle forward RLR
3&4 	Shuffle forward LRL
5&6 	Shuffle forward RLR
7&8 	Shuffle forward LRL
	Styling: 1st Shuffle: Turn away from partner; 2nd Shuffle: Turn towards
	partner touching palms; Repeat for shuffles 3&4
9-16 	¾ Turn, Side shuffle, Rock recover, Shuffle forward into closed position
1,2 	Step forward on R pivot ½ turn left, Step on L pivot ¼ turn L
	Man facing OLOD, Lady ILOD
3&4 	Side shuffle RLR
5,6 	Rock back on L, Recover on R
7&8 	Shuffle forward LRL into closed position
Hands: 	Counts 3&4: Join man’s right hand and lady’s left hand
17-24 	Man: ¼ Turn right shuffle, Shuffle fwd, Walk walk, Shuffle forward
	Lady: ½ Turn right shuffle, ¼ Turn right shuffle back, Walk walk, Shuffle back
1&2 	Man:¼ Turn right shuffle RLR 		Lady:½ Turn right shuffle LRL
3&4 	Man: Shuffle forward LRL (LOD) 		Lady:¼ Turn right shuffle back RLR (RLOD)
5,6,7&8 	Man:Walk forward RL, Shuffle RLR 	Lady:Walk back LR, Shuffle LRL
Hands: 	Counts 1&2, 3&4: Man raises his left, lady’s right, turning the lady ¾ turn right
	on two shuffles; Counts 5,6: Return to closed position
25-32 	Man: Rock forward, Recover, Shuffle back
	Lady: Rock back, Recover, ½ Turn left into a wrap
	Both: Rock back, Recover, Shuffle forward
1,2 	Man:Rock forward on L, Recover back on R 		Lady:Rock back on R, Recover forward on L
3&4 	Man:Shuffle back LRL, Turning lady into a wrap 	Lady:Turn ½ turn left into a wrap shuffling RLR
5,6, 	Both:Rock back, Recover
7&8 	Man: Shuffle forward , RLR 			Lady Shuffle forward LRL
Hands: 	Counts 3&4: Man raises his left, lady’s right, turning the lady ½ turn left into a wrap,
	both are facing LOD
33-40 	Man: Walk, Walk, Shuffle forward, Lady:Full turn right, Shuffle forward
	Both: Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1,2 	Man: Walk L, Walk R (Release lady’s right hand) 	Lady: Pivot ½ right on R, pivot ½ turn right on L
3&4 	Man: Shuffle forward LRL 			Lady: Shuffle forward RLR
5,6,7&8 	Both:Walk, Walk,
	Man: Shuffle RLR 				Lady: Shuffle LRL
Hands: 	Counts 1,2: Man releases his left and lady’s right hand, Lady turns a full turn right
	out of the wrap on counts 1-2, Finishes full turn shuffling forward,
	Ends in side by side position holding inside hands both facing LOD
41-48 	¼ Turn vine, ¼ Turn step scuff, Rocking chair
1,2 	Turn ¼ turn right step L to side, cross right behind L
3,4 	Turn ¼ turn left step L forward, scuff R (LOD)
5,6 	Rock forward on R, recover back on L
7,8 	Rock back on R, recover forward on L
Hands: 	Counts 1,2: Switch to double hand hold;
	Count 3: Release man’s left and lady’s right, back to side by side position
	Repeat					January 2017