As Requested !

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll – March 2011 ~ ~ 01379 853571
Description 	48 count Partner Dance, Sweetheart Position, facing line of dance
		Mans steps listed, Same footwork throughout. Unless stated
Music 		All Out of Love - Brooks & Dunn – CD:Tightrope.
Alternative 	Blue Night – Michael Learns to Rock
		You Don’t Know A Thing About Me - Gary Allan, CD:See If I Care.
	Weave, Pivot ½ turn, shuffle,
1-4 	Turn ¼ right, stepping Left to side, cross Right behind, turn ¼ left step forward Right
5-8 	Pivot ½turn left, step forward Right. Left shuffle forward. (facing reverse LOD)
	(Take right hands over ladies head, into man hammerlock,
	release right hands from behind man)
	Weave, Pivot ½ turn, shuffle,
9-12 	Turn ¼ left, stepping Right to side, cross Left behind, turn ¼ right, step forward Left
13-16 	Pivot ½ turn right, step forward Left, Right shuffle forward, (into LOD)
	(Take up right hands in front of man, take right hands over mans head back into
	sweetheart position)
	Changing sides - Walk, Walk shuffle, lady ½ turn shuffle,
17-20 	Both - Walk forward Left, Right, Left shuffle, (Changing sides, man going behind lady –
	finishing in Left Sweetheart position)
21-24 	Man – Walk forward Right, Left, Right shuffle (taking right arms over lady’s head, into arch,
	keeping left hands low)
	Lady - turn ¼ left stepping Right to side, turn ¼ left stepping back Left, Right shuffle back.
	Man ½ turn shuffle, Walk Walk shuffle, Changing sides
25-28 	Man – Turn ¼ right stepping Left to side, turn ¼ right stepping back Right, Left shuffle back
	(facing reverse LOD) ( Man turning under raised right arms)
	Lady- Turn ¼ Left stepping Left to side, turn ¼ left stepping forward Right, Left shuffle forward
29-32 	Both - Walk forward Right, Left, Right shuffle, (Man walking behind lady, turning ½ right into sweetheart 
	position, changing sides, to end facing LOD, taking left arm over lady’s head)
	Lady ½ turn, ½turn Pinwheel
33–36 	Man - Rock forward Left, recover on right, Left shuffle forward (on the spot)
	Lady – Step Forward Left pivot ½ right Left shuffle forward (facing RLOD on the spot)
37-40 	Both – Walk Right, Left, Right shuffle turning ½ right pinwheel (holding inside hands)
	(Man to face RLOD, Lady to face LOD)
	½ Turn Pinwheel, Lady ½ turn shuffle.
41-44 	Both – Walk L-R, Left shuffle turning ½ right pinwheel (man facing LOD, lady facing RLOD)
45-48 	Man – Walk R-L, Right shuffle forward,
	Lady – Step right to right side turning ¼ right, step Left forward turning ¼ right, Right shuffle fwd
	Back into Sweetheart Position.
	Start Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2011