April Stroll

Choreographer:	Hazel Parfitt 12/4/00 Qualified D&G Instructor 
Description	32 Count Partner Dance Right Side By Side 
Music:		Shame on me' by Billy Keeble 102bpm. 
		The whole world must be colour blind' by Billy Keeble 96bpm. [Teach] 
	Half pivot, Step, Hold, Half pivot, Step, Hold. 
1-2	Right step forward, 1/2 pivot CCW [Drop right hands & raise Left, 
3-4	Right step forward, Hold man turns under raised arms, 
5-6	Left step forward, 1/2 pivot CW keep hold of hands, man turns 
7-8	Left step forward, Hold. under raised arms & rejoins hands in Right Side by Side position] 
	Diagonal Forward, Touch, x 2, 1/4 Turn, Touch, Hip bumps 
1-2	Right step diagonally. forward, touch left beside right 
3-4	Left step diagonally. forward, touch right beside left 
5- 6	Right step 1/4 turn CW, touch left beside right. [Now in Indian 
7-8	Step and bump hips forward on left, bump right hips back position, facing O.L.O.D.
	Side, Together, Shuffle Turn, Rock, Rock, 1/2 Pivot 
1-2	Left step side, right step beside left 
3&4	Left shuffle turning 1/4CW [Now facing R.L.O.D. 
5-6	Rock back on right, rock forward on left foot in Left Side by Side] 
7-8	Right step forward, 1/2 pivot CCW [ Back to Right Side by Side] 
	Walk X 3, Touch, Shuffle, Walk X 2 
1-4	Walk forward right, left, right, touch [ Drop left hands, raise right, lady 
5&6	Left shuffle forward turns one full turn CW ] 
7-8	Walk forward right, walk forward left 

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert


May 2000