Another Night With You

Choreographed By 	Bill Goodlad
Description 	32 Count Beginner Partner Dance
		Start In Sweetheart Position
		Same Footwork Throughout
Music 		Another Night With You - Darius Rucker - 16 Count Intro
Alt Music 		Homesick - Kane Brown
1-8 	Rock Fwd Rt Recover Lft Rt Shuffle Back. Rock Back Lft Recover Rt Lft Shuffle Fwd
1-2 	Rock Fwd Rt Recover Lft
3&4 	Rt Shuffle Back
5-6 	Rock Back Lt Recover Rt
7&8 	Left Shuffle Fwd
9-16 	Step Pivot 1/4 Turn Lft. Rt Cross Shuffle. Syncopated Weave
1- 	Step Fwd Rt Pivot 1/4 Turn Lft On To Lft
3&4 	Rt Cross Shuffle
5 	Step Lft To Side
6&7 	Rt Behind Lft. Lft To Side. Cross Rt Over Lft
8 	Step Lft To Side
	(On Count 1 Release Lft Hand. Take Rt Arms Over Ladies Head. Rejoin Lft Hands
	On Count 2. Now In Reverse Indian Position)
17-24 	Back Rock Recover 1/4 Rt Side Shuffle. 1/2 Turn Lft Shuffle. Fwd Rt Shuffle
1-2 	Rock Back Rt Behind Lft. Recover To Lft
3&4 	1/4 Turn Lft On Rt Shuffle
5&6 	1/2 Turn Lft On Lft Shuffle
7&8 	Rt Shuffle Fwd
	(Release Rt Hand On Count 3. Rejoin On Count 7 In Sweetheart Position)
24-32 	Walk Walk Shuffle. Step Point X2
1- 	Walk Fwd Lft Rt
3&4 	Left Shuffle Fwd
5-6 	Step Fwd Rt Across Lft. Point Lft To Side
7- 	Step Fwd Lft Across Rt. Point Rt To Side			December 2018