Annie's Cha-Cha
(A Stationary Cha- Cha for Couples)
Choreographer Ann Black, Stafford, VA
Description Position: Couples in promenade position, both facing line of dance (CCW floor
direction); lady standing on the gentleman's right side; each will have heels together;
his left hand will hold her left hand either in front of his left shoulder, in front of and
slightly higher than his waist, or in front of the lady's left shoulder; his right arm will
reach behind the lady and hold her right hand in his right hand slightly to the right of
her right shoulder (he leads the entire dance with the right hand
Music Neon Moon by Brooks and Dunn
Send Me No Angels, by Clint Black, or any slow cha-cha




Dance starts with steps the same for the gentleman and lady.  Where different, the gentleman's counts will be given first, lady's second.
  Basic Cha-Cha Pattern with the 3 Cha-Cha Steps Danced in a Syncopated 2-Count of the Music
1. Left step forward and rock body forward with the weight transferring to the left and right rocks forward with the 
ball of the foot remaining in place or just slightly off the floor
2. Rock weight back onto right foot
3-4. Left step to close beside right , right step in place, left step in place
  Modified Cha-Cha Pattern with Body Twist CW and Syncopated Cha-Cha During 1/2 Turn CCW
5. Right step back 1/4 turn CW (the body will twist with the right foot) and the arms will go to full extensions straight as an 
airplane's wings—the right will point to the right and down—the left will point to the left and up and the heads will turn to the 
right permitting the eyes to look at the right hand hold
6. Rock weight back onto Lt and drop Lt hand hold and Rt hands are brought fwd over the lady's head in a circle as the turn 
is completed until the end of Count 8 when the lady has the man in a hammerlock behind his back
7-8. Right close to left, left step in place 1/2 turn CCW, gentleman's left arm stretches out to the left and is aimed slightly higher 
than the lady's forehead; right foot step to close to left , lady's left hand catches gentleman's left hand and guides his 
outstretched arm behind her head, just slightly above the shoulders (the gentleman cannot see his hand approach the 
lady's head, the lady must catch his hand and guide it)
  Cha-Cha Pattern with Syncopated Cha-Cha During 1/2 Turn CW
9 Left step backward and weight shifts backward; right may lift slightly off the floor but must remain in position
10. Weight shifts to right and release left hand hold (do not join left hands until Count 1 on the repeat)
11-12 Left step to close to right, right step 1/2 turn CW, Lt step to close to Rt and gentleman's Rt arm will reach behind the lady 
and hold her Rt hand in his Rt hand slightly to the Rt of her Rt shoulder (his Lt hand rests on his Lt hip)
  Gentleman's Steps—Basic Cha-Cha Pattern
13. Right step back and right hands lift higher than the lady's head and slightly backward
14 Rock weight fwd on Lt and lead lady's Rt hand in small CCW circle over the center of her head finishing on Ct 16
15-16 Right step to close to left foot, left step in place, right step in place and the gentleman should place his left hand
(palm faces forward of his left shoulder) where the lady's left shoulder should be when she finishes her spin
  Lady's Steps—Cha-Cha Pattern with Syncopated Cha-Cha During Walking Full Turn CCW
13. Right step back and right hands lift higher than the lady's head and slightly backward
14. Rock weight forward on left
15-16 Rt step 1/3 turn CCW, left step 1/3 turn CCW, Rt step 1/3 turn CCW (lady will move from the man's right side to
a position directly in front of the man) and stop when lady's left shoulder spins into palm of gentleman's hand
  Steps for the Lady and Gentleman Are Identical. Stay with the Heavy Beat and Ignore the Cha-Cha Syncopation.
17. Left step left and body turns slightly left
18. Right step in place 1/4 turn CW and right hands stretch forward and high enough to clear dancers' head
19. Left step forward under outstretched arms and hands
20. Pivot on balls of feet 1/2 turn CW and gentleman's right arm will reach behind the lady and hold her right hand in his right
 hand slightly to the right of her right shoulder
  Repeat Counts 1 to 20 until the end of song.