An Old Friend

Choreography by 	Norm Gifford -
Description 	Four Wall, 24 Count, Low Improver Level Line Dance
Music		 Old Friend of Mine - The Grascals 104 BPM
	Waltz Box
1-3 	Left stride forward; right step side; left together
4-6 	Right stride back; left step side; right together
	Stride Forward Diagonal, Toe Point Side, Hold, Stride Back Diagonal, Toe Point Side, Hold
1-3 	Left crossover forward; right toe point side; hold
4-6 	Right behind; left toe point side; hold *R*
	Crossover, Step Side, Behind, Long Step Side, Draw Left Together, Hold
1-3 	Left crossover; right step side; left behind
4-6 	Right long step side; draw left slowly together; hold
	Rolling Full Turn Left, Crossover, Step Side, Step Forward
1-3 	Left step side in 3rd position into 3/4 rolling turn left (LRL) [12:00]
4-6 	Right crossover; left step side turning  right; right step forward [3:00] *T*
	Begin Again

*T* 	TAG: Add after 12:00 wall #5 facing 3:00 and after 3:00 wall #10 facing 6:00
	Stride Forward, Swivel-Hook  Turning Right; Step Forward
1-3 	Left stride forward; right hook up in swivel turn  right; right step forward
*R* 	RESTART: here in wall #7 facing 9:00 (clue = violin only, no vocals)
	(Restart counts as a wall) 				August 2016