Amanda's Dream
Choreographers Ian & Sue Ray of Sidewinders - Dec 2000 023 8084 0079
Description Partner dance, 36 steps, starts in closed western, man facing LOD, Lady facing RLOD
Music Dream Weaver - The New Vagabonds - CD Nationals 2000
  Amanda - Don Williams - CD - Very best of Don Williams
  Time Spent Missing You - Dwight Yoakam - CD "Tomorrow's sounds today

1,2,3 Gent: Forward on Left Right Left
  Lady: Back on Right Left Right
4,5,6 Both rotate, 1/2 turn clockwise (lady faces LOD, gent faces RLOD)
7,8,9   Continue rotation another 1/2 turn clockwise to end up where you started the dance
10,11,12 Gent; Forward on Right Left Right
  Lady: Back on Left Right Left
  above 12 Counts are danced travelling toward LOD all the time)
13,14,15 Gent: Step back on left, in place on right then left
  Lady: Step back on right, in place on left then right
  (Push away from each other ending up in open hand position)
16,17,18 Gent: Whilst making 1/2 turn CW, go forward and around the back of the lady to end up on her left
side on R L R taking your left arm over lady's head ending in cuddle position facing RLOD
  Lady: Move forward and slightly to your right (on Left Right Left) to allow the gent to pass behind You,
ending up in cuddle with the man on your left both facing RLOD
19,20,21 Both rotate 1/2 turn CW to end up facing LOD still in cuddle
22,23,24 Gent: Forward on Right Left Right
  Lady: Roll out to your right on Left Right Left. keeping hold of Your left hand with mans right one complete turn
  (End up both facing LOD side by side holding inside hands)
25,26,27 Gent: Forward and turning 1/4 to right to face your lady, left lock, right. Left
  Lady: Forward and turning 1/4 to left to face your gent, right. Lock, left right
  (Touch hands Together on count 3, gents left hand, lady's right hand)
28,29,30 Gent: Push away and forward on Right Left Right
  Lady: Push away and forward on Left Right Left
  (Both end up facing LOD still holding inside hands)
31,32,33 Gent: Forward slightly on Left Right Left, turning lady in front of you with your left hand back into
closed western position
  Lady: 1.1/2 turns to your left giving the gent your right hand (release left) back into closed western
34,35,36   Travel LOD together as Steps 10,11,12
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert December 2000