Choreographer: 	Bill Goodlad - Goodlad@Talktalk.Net
Description 	32 Count Beginner/Improver Partner Dance
		Start In Sweetheart Position, Same Footwork Throughout
Music 		You Aint Alone - Toby Keith (CD:Hope On The Rocks)
Alt Music: 		Stay Here - Lee Dewyze
		(Disconnected......Line Dance Music)

1 	Rt Heel & Toe Rt Rumba Box Fwd. Lft Heel & Toe Lft Rumba Box Fwd
1-2 	Touch Rt Heel Fwd. Touch Rt Toe Back.
3&4 	Rt to Side. Lft to Rt. Rt Fwd.
5-6 	Touch Lft Heel Fwd. Touch Lft Toe Back.
7&8 	Lft to Side. Rt to Lft. Lft Fwd.
2 	Gent Fwd Rt Lft Rt Shuffle. 		Lady Turn Turn & Turn Shuffle.
	Gent Turn Turn & Turn Shuffle. 	Lady Fwd Lft Rt Lft Shuffle.
1 	Gent Walk Fwd Rt. 			Lady 1/4 Turn Rt on Rt. (Releasing Lft Hands)
2 	Gent Walk Fwd Lft. 			Lady 1/4 Turn Rt stepping Back on Lft.
3&4 	Gent Rt Shuffle Fwd. 			Lady 1/2 Turn Rt on Rt Shuffle.
5 	Gent 1/4 Turn Lft on Lft. 		Lady Walk Fwd on Lft (Rejoin Lft Hands Release Rt)
6 	Gent 1/4 Turn Lft stepping Back on Rt. 	Lady Walk Fwd Rt.
7&8 	Gent 1/2 Turn Lft on Lft Shuffle. 		Lady Lft Shuffle Fwd
3 	Gent and Lady Rock Fwd and Recover 1/4 Turn Chasse Cross Lft over Rt
	1/4 Turn Lft stepping Back on Rt and 1/2 Turn Lft on Lft Shuffle
1-2 	Rock Fwd Rt and recover Lt.
3&4 	1/4 Turn Rt on Rt. Lft Together. Rt to Side.
5-6 	Cross Lft over Rt. 1/4 Turn Lft stepping back on Rt. (Release Rt Hands)
7&8 	1/2 Turn Lft on Lft Shuffle.
4 	Step Fwd Rt. 1/2 Turn Lft. Rt Shuffle Fwd
	Side Rock Lft Recover Rt. Lft Shuffle Fwd.
1-2 	Step Fwd Rt. 1/2 Turn Lft to face line of Dance.
3&4 	Rt Shuffle Fwd. (Rejoin Rt Hands)
5-6 	Rock Lft to Lft Side. Recover on Rt.
7&8 	Lft Shuffle Fwd.					Feb 2013