All Ya Gotta Do Is Dance

Choreographed by 	Julie and Brian, JB Western Dance : ,
Description 	32 count partner dance, Start facing LOD in Sweetheart Position
		Same footwork throughout unless otherwise stated
Music 		All Ya Gotta Do Is Dance - Kelly Cobbett (Roots and Wings)

	Step Left, Right, Left Shuffle - Step Right, Left, Right Shuffle (lady walks around man)
1-4 	Man: Step Left, Right, triple in place (slight diagonal to assist lady)
	Lady: Step Left  turn left, step Right  left, Left shuffle forward to RLOD
5-8 	Man: Step Right, Left, triple in place (slight diagonal to assist lady)
	Lady: Step Right  turn left, step forward on Left,  left on Right shuffle forward to LOD
	(Maintain hand hold throughout ending in VW facing LOD, left arm on top)
	Rock Left Fwd, recover, shuffle  turn  Step Right Fwd,  Pivot left, Right Shuffle Fwd
9-12 	Rock forward on Left, recover Right, Left triple  turn left to RLOD
	(Gent turns under raised left hands, right hand stays low into hammerlock)
13-16 	Step forward on Right, Pivot  turn left, Right shuffle forward to LOD
	(Release right hands, hands to sweetheart as you shuffle forward)
	Step Left  right, Right behind, Left  turn shuffle - Step Right  left,
	Left behind, Right  turn shuffle
17-20 	Step  right on Left to OLOD, Right behind Left,  turn Left shuffle to LOD
21-24 	Step  left on Right to ILOD, Left behind Right,  turn Right shuffle to LOD
	(Release left as you bring right hand over the ladies head,
	pick up in sweetheart on shuffle.)
	Step Left FWD, Pivot  Right, Left shuffle FWD - Step Right FWD, Pivot  Left,
	Right shuffle FWD
25-28 	Step forward Left, pivot  turn Right, Left shuffle forward to RLOD
28-32 	Step forward Right, pivot  turn Left, Right shuffle forward to LO
	Keep Smiling And Start Again					June 2019
Written with the permission of Kelly and dedicated to Mike Cobbett who was badly injured in a recent road accident, 
e wish him a speedy recovery and getting back to the circuit. JB
Every effort has been made to make sure these dance sheets are accurate. 
Please let us know if there are any errors or omissions email: .