All The King's Horses For 2

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll  March 2018 pollyka
		01379 853571
Description 	64 count dance, Facing LOD Sweetheart Position
		Same Footwork throughout
Music: 		Out Of Sight - Midland
	Side Right, Touch Left, Side Left, Touch Right, Side Shuffle  turn, Step Pivot  turn
1-4 	Step Side Right, Touch Left beside Right, Side Left, Touch Right beside Left,
5-8 	R ight Side Shuffle  turn Right (facing OLOD) Step Forward Left Pivot  turn Right (facing ILOD)
	(Lady turning under Left arms into Reverse Indian arms low)
	Side Left, Touch Right, Side Right, Touch Left, Side Shuffle  turn, Step Pivot  turn
9-12 	Step Side Left, Touch Right beside Left, Side Right, Touch Left Beside Right
13-16 	Left Side shuffle  turn Left (facing RLOD) Step forward Right Pivot  turn Left recover on Left
	(facing OLOD) (Lady turning under Left Arms into Sweetheart Position)
	4 Count Weave, Cross Rock, Side Shuffle
17-20 	Cross Right over Left, Left to Left side, Right Behind Left, Left to left side
21-24 	Cross Rock Right over Left, recover on Left, Right side Shuffle
	Rock Recover Shuffle (Lady Pivot  Left Shuffle) Side Rock, Recover turning  Shuffle
25-28 	Man - Rock Forward Left, recover Right. Left Shuffle back (facing OLD)
	Lady  Step Forward Left Pivot  turn right, Left Shuffle forward (facing ILOD)
	(Lady turning under Lt arms, keeping hold of hands ending with Lt hands crossed on top)
29-32 	Side Rock Right, recover on Left turning  Left, Right Shuffle Forward
	(Man Facing LOD, Lady facing RLOD, Right Shoulder to Right Shoulder)
	Pinwheel  turn Right Walk Walk (Lady full Turn) Shuffle
33-36 	Walk Left, Right, Left shuffle turning  Right (Man facing RLOD, Lady LOD)
37-40 	Man  Man walk Right, Left, Right Shuffle forward behind Lady into Sweetheart position
	(Release Left hands lady turns Left under Right Arms)
	Lady  (Turn Full turn L) Step back Right turn  Left, Step fwd Left turn  Left, R Shuffle fwd
	(to finish on man's right side in Sweetheart position)
	Step Lock Shuffle, Step Lock Shuffle
41-44 	Step Forward Left, Lock Right behind Left, Left Shuffle forward
45-48 	Step Forward Right, Lock Left behind Right, Right Shuffle forward
	Cross Rock Left, Recover, Shuffle  Left (Side by Side facing ILOD)
	Cross Rock Right, recover Right Side Shuffle
49-52 	Cross Rock Left over Right, recover Right Left Shuffle  Left (Facing ILOD)
53-56 	Cross Rock Right over Left, recover Left, Right Side Shuffle,
	(This Section danced side by side in Sweetheart Position facing ILOD)
	4 Count Weave, Walk Walk Shuffle
57-60 	Cross Left over Right, Right to Right side, Left behind Right, Turn  Right, Step forward Right
61-64 	Walk Left, Right, Left Shuffle Forward
	Start Again 					April 2018