Alcohol of Fame

Choreographed by 	Barry Amato  12/2016
Description 	2 Wall / Waltz Line Dance
Music		 Alcohol of Fame - Shane Owens on Amerimonte Records
	Music available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify or

	Twinkle, Twinkle with/ a  turn
1-3 S	tep/crossing R over L (1). Step slightly to the L on the L (2). Recover on R in place (3).
4-6 	Step/crossing L foot over R (4). Step to the R on R foot as you begin to pivot  turn to the L
	on ball of the R (5). Recover slightly forward on the L (6).
	Full turn progressing forward, step forward,  turn pivot,  turn
1-3 B	egin turn by stepping forward on the R to prep turn (1). With weight on R,
	pivot  turn over the R shoulder with L taken weight after pivot (2). With weight on L,
	pivot another  turn over R should and then step forward onto the R (3).
4-6 	Step forward on the L (4). Pivot  turn R with R taken (5). With weight on R,
	pivot  turn R and step to the side on the L (6).
	Cross, point, hold,  turn/cross, point, hold
1-3 	Cross R over the L (1). Point L to L side (2). Hold (3).
4-6 	As you cross the L over the R,  turn to the L (4). Point R to the R side (5). Hold (6).
	Weave,  turn, step  pivot
1-3 	Begin weave crossing R over L (1). Step to the L on L (2). Step R behind L (3).
4-6 	 turn to the L as you step forward on the L (4). Step forward on the R (5).
	Pivot  turn L with L taken weight (6).
	Begin again.
Tag: 	There is a 3 count hold at the end of the 9th wall. You will be facing the
	front wall when you do this hold.

Optional ending for performances: You will end the dance facing the back wall. Begin the
	first 3 counts (twinkle) and then with weight on the R foot, pivot a  turn right
	(to face front wall) and settle weight onto the L foot for last count of music.
						January 2017