Alabama Two-Step (Mixer)

Choreographed by	John & Jean Miles July 1997
Description	Partner Dance (Closed Western) Easy /Intermediate
Music Suggestions:	Any Two Step Music using BPM 128 to 212
		Don't Take Her She's All I Got by Tracy Byrd(BPM: 128)
		Old Enough To Know Better by Wade Hayes (BPM:208)

	Over the years the Two Step has become a dance. which beginners do not enjoy dancing.
	Mainly because the man is uncertain when to lead and cannot always remember what move to choose
	Beginners on watching competition or advanced dancers dancing the Two-Step are always inhibited in
	taking the floor. They do not appreciate that everyone was a beginner once and the turns and moves
	become natural only when learnt one at a time and practised regularly - This little dance we hope will
	encourage them to have a go and become so familiar with the moves that they will then try and add
	more moves to the pattern when dancing as a couple, We hope you enjoy, and don't forget to have fun 

	Mens Foot Pattern: 	Left/Quick, Right/Quick, Left/Slow and Right/Slow
	Lady's Foot Pattern:	 Right/Quick- Left/Quick Right/Slow and Left/Slow (Mirror image)
		All turn are started on the Quick, Quick steps and leads will be on the second slow

QQ.S. 1	Basic two step pattern in closed western position
QQ.S.2 	Man leads lady in a 1 1/2 turn C.W (right) into a right side by side position.
	On the quick quick bringing the lady into right side by side 

QQ.S.3	 Basic two step pattern in right side-by-side position
QQ.S.4	Man leads lady around the world into left side by side
	Man lift left hand and bring right hand down as he turns to the lady behind his back. Hands remain held
	during the turn,  Man steps across to their right on S S Man will have his Right hand behind his back in a 
	hammer lock position, left hand will be across and in front of lady

QQ.S.5 	Basic two step pattern in left side by side position
QQ.S.6 	Man leads lady across front of him into right side by side position
	Man drop right hand and gently lead the lady across in front of him,
	 rejoining handsIn right side by side position

QQ.S.7	Basic two step pattern in right side-by-side position.. 
QQ.S.8 	Man leads lady into a 1 1/2 C W (Rt) turn back into closed] western position.
	Man drop left hand and lift Rt hand changing hands over the lady's head an the
	Q Q Then turn the lady with Lt hand over her head back into closed western position 

QQ.S.9 	Basic two step pattern in closed western position.
QQ.S.10	Man Moves Forward onto next partner.
	Man lift left hand and pass through towards his next partner

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

June 2000