A&J Waltz 

Choreographed by 	John & Anne Pickering , Leicester, England - 0116 2811722
Description 	48 Count, Beg / Inter, Partner Dance in Side by Side (aka Sweetheart)
Music:    		Love never Broke Anyone's heart - Vince Gill
		Or Any Favorite Slow Waltz around 80 bpm
1 	LEFT forward with 1/4 turn to right with arms extended
2 	RIGHT cross behind left dipping on left
3 	LEFT forward back into L O.D (Raise right arms over head, left hands)
4 	RIGHT forward with 1/4 turn to left with arm extented
5 	LEFT cross behind right (Joining up left hands)
6 	RIGHT forward back into L.O.D side by side position.) 
4-6 	RIGHT forward left, right in place into L.O.D
  	On the Count of 12, Lady does a Syncopation Step (The right forward Left, Right, Left in place)
	Bringing her footwork into Mirror image for the following steps)                

1-6 	Step LEFT forward, RIGHT, LEFT in place, RIGHT to SIDE, LEFT (MAN RIGHT, LEFT) in place
 	(turning Lady clockwise 1/2 turn)                

1-6   	        RIGHT back, LEFT, RIGHT in place. LEFT to side, RIGHT (.MAN, LEFT RIGHT) in place
	(Turning Lady anti clockwise 1/2 turn)

1-3 	LEFT forward RIGHT, LEFT in place (turning Lady clockwise full turn with hands joined).
4-6 	RIGHT forward, LEFT, RIGHT in place (turning anti-clockwise full turn with hands joined)                

1-6 	LEFT to side. slide RIGHT hitch. RIGHT to side (with 1/4 turn to right) LEFT, RIGHT in place
	(Couple now facing each other ) 

1-3 	Swing back 1/2 turn LEFT (Releasing Forward hands) onto left (Touch released hands to back)
	1/4 turn RIGHT onto RIGHT. 1/4 RIGHT onto LEFT (Now face to face) Rejoining hands
4-6 	Swing opposing way 1/2 turn RIGHT onto RIGHT (Releasing Back Hands) 1/4 turn LEFT onto
 	LEFT 1/4 turn LEFT onto RIGHT (now face to face).                

1-3 	Continue rolling turn.
4- 6 	On last three steps Lady does LEFT forward, RIGHT. (LEFT, RIGHT in place back into same steps
	Man for beginning of sequence).
  	START OVER                			October 2000