A Mini Cincinatti Fireball

Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford - nlgifford@yahoo.com
Description 	Four-wall, 32 Count, Beginner Level Linedance
Music:		Cincinatti Fireball - Jive & Jonas
	Lock-Step With Attitude, Brush, Lock-Step With Attitude, Brush
1-4 	Left step forward; right lock behind; left step forward; right brush forward
5-8 	Right step forward; left lock behind; right step forward; left brush forward ***
	Rock-Step, Chassč Left, Crossover, Step Side Turning ½ Right, Step Side, Brush
1-2 L	eft rock forward; right replace turning ¼ left [9:00]
3&4 	Shuffle steps to the left (LRL) [Alternate step replacing side shuffle: 3-4 Left step side; hold]
5-8 	Right crossover; left step side turning ½ right; right step side; left brush across [3:00]
	Rock-Step, Step Side, Sweep, Crossover, Step Side, Behind, Sweep
1-4 	Left cross-rock; right replace; left step side; right sweep across
5-8 	Right crossover; left step side; right behind; left sweep front to back
	Behind, Side, Crossover, Hold, Scissor-Step, Hold
1-4 	Left behind; right step side; left crossover; hold
5-8 	Right step side; left step back; right cross forward; hold
	Begin Again
ENDING: *** 	(After first 8 counts of wall #13 facing 12:00)
	Rock Step, Draw Back, Hold, Hold, "V-Step" With Pose
1-3 	Left rock forward; right replace; left long step back drawing right together
4-5 	Hold, hold
&6 R	ight step forward diagonal; left step side diagonal (out-out)
&7 	Right return back; left together (in-in) [and pose as you wish]
	Designed to be done as a split floor with "A Cincinatti Fireball"