A Lonely Stroll
Choreographed by Moses Bourassa Jr. 508-993-3258 countrydejay@aol.com
Description 48 count, beginner/intermediate partner/circle dance, Couple in
Right side by side sweetheart, facing LOD. Mirror Image Steps.
Changes will be noted
Music Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn 108 BPM
Bubba Hyde - Diamond Rio 124 BPM
A Man This Lonely - Brooks & Dunn  95 BPM
When I Close My Eyes - Kenny Chesney  91 BPM
A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada - The Texas Tornados 124 BPM

1-2 	Step right diagonally forward, Touch left next to right
3-4 	Step diagonally back on left, Touch right next to left
5-6 	Step right making a  turn to the right, Scuff left next to right
	At this point, hands are at lady's waist
7-8 	Step left to the left side, Step right behind left
9 	Make a  to the left pivot turn on left
	In making this turn, couple release left hands & raise right hands over lady's head. 
	After move, hands are rejoined back at man's waist
10 	Touch right next to left
11-12 	Step right to the right side, Bring left behind right
13&14 	In place, step right, left, right
15-16 	Rock back diagonally on left, Step forward on right
17-18 	Step left to the left side, Bring right behind left
19&20 	In place, left, right, left
21-22 	Rock back diagonally on right, Step forward on left
	When doing these turns, Release right hands & raise left hands over her head
23-24 	Step forward on right, Make a  turn to the left on left
25&26 	Step in place; right, left, right
27 	Rock back on left, 
28-29 	Repeat step 23-24
30&31 	Repeats steps 25&26
	At this point, hands are at lady's waist
32-33 	Bump hips to the left, right
34&35 	Sway hips to the left, center, right
36&37 	Repeat steps 34&35
38-39 	Touch left heel in front
40 	Touch left toe backwards
	With this move, Release hands completely & rejoin back after first jazz box in right side by side 
	sweetheart position.
41-42 	Step left making a  turn to the left, Cross right in front of left
43-44 	Step back on left, Bring right next to left
45-46 	Cross left in front of right, Step back on right
47-48 	Step left to the left side, Touch right next to left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk February 2003