A Little Bitty Baby

Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford - nlgifford@yahoo.com
Description 	Low Beginner level line dance
		Four-wall, 32 count, 134 BPM
Music 		Cotton Fields - Highwaymen
		Start 34 counts into music - ("Home" + 5,6,7,8)
Video 		https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtL896CvgvA
	Side-Touches, Charleston
1-4 	Right step side; left touch together; left step side; right touch together
5-8 	Right step forward; left kick; left replace; right toe touch back
	"K"-Step With Brush
1-2 	Right step forward diagonal; left touch by right
3-4 	Left step back diagonal; right touch by left
5-6 	Right step back diagonal; left touch by right
7-8 	Left step forward diagonal; right brush
	Hustle-Walk Forward With Kick, Hustle-Walk Back With Toe Touch Back
1-4 	Three steps forward (RLR); left kick forward
5-8 	Three steps back (LRL); right toe touch back

	Half Speed Pivot Turn  Left; Jazz-Cross
1-2 	Right step forward; hold
3-4 	Pivot turn  left; hold [9:00]
5-6	 Right crossover; left step back
7-8 	Right step side; left crossover
	Begin Again			January 2015