A Girl Crush
Choreographer	Tyra Farris - May, 2015
Description 	16 Count, 4 Wall Line ~dance
Music: 		Girl Crush - Little Big Town
		8 Count Intro Start on the Word "Girl"
	R Step, Triple, Rock Recover, R Sweep Back & Step, L Sweep & Sailor, Step Touch
1-,2&a, 	R Step Forward (1), Triple Forward L (2), R (&), L (a),
3-4 	Rock Forward on R (3) Recover Weight Back on L (4)
5,6&a 	Sweep R back Behind L With Weight on R (5), Sweep L back Behind R Weighting L (6)
	Step R to R (&), Step L Next to R (a),
7-8	 R Step Forward R diagonal (7), Touch L Next To R (8) 

	L Step, Triple R, Sway 2 X’s, L Step ¼ L, Paddle ¼  L, Cross Touch, Sailor ¼ R
1,2&a 	L Step Back Slightly L Diagonal (1), R Step to R (2), L Step Next To R (&), R Step in Place (a)
3-4 L 	Step to L (3), Rock to R Weighting R (4)
5,6&a, 	L Step ¼ to L Facing 9 o’clock (5),  R Step Forward (6) ¼ Turn L Weighting L (&)
	Facing 6 O’clock, Cross R Over L (a),
7 	Touch L to Left (7)
8&a 	Step L behind R (8), R Step Forward Turning ¼ R  9 o’clock (&), L Step Forward (a)
	Start Over No Tags No Restarts			June 2015